Throw Pillows | Selection and Styling

We love throw pillows...they're kindof a guilty pleasure for us.  There are always so many cool options available that we just want to find a way to use them all!  Some people get it and some people don't.  Men, for example, seem to think throw pillows are a hassle. Ha!  They just don't appreciate the beauty of a well-styled sofa.  Others get it (usually women :) ).  Throw pillows are a way to add color and pattern to a room and often are the textile that brings everything together in a space.  Layering them with different patterns, colors, and textures just seems to be that perfect finishing touch!  So today we're talking about the best way to select and style combinations of pillows.  It's meant to look effortless, but it really isn't (and you know this if you've ever tried to create your own mix), so hopefully these tips will be helpful as you freshen up your home for the new year!

The about throw pillows is that you don't want them to be matchy-matchy.  Mixing colors and patterns is the best way to make a piece of furniture come to life.  There should be some color overlap but not complete matching.  A little bit of matching color will help tie the pillows together even if they have slightly different styles.


Major mistake number one: matching your pillows to your sofa.  Gone are the days of pillows matching sofas.  Now the key to good design is making  different styles and patterns work together which is key when it comes to sofa styling.

Mix large patterns with small patterns to help the eye move over the furniture easily.  A bunch of pillows with just one pattern will look like a heavy, blocked piece of furniture.  If there is a variety of pattern sizes the eye can move swiftly over the entire piece of furniture appreciating the difference and how it all works together.  A lot of small patterned pillows can look busy and too many large patterned pillows can be overwhelming.  A little of each is the perfect blend.


Mix in textures and solids.  It's ok to have some solid colors in your pillow mix.  Every combination needs something solid to ground it, so don't feel like you've failed if you're putting solid colored pillows on your sofa.  The best way to make solid colored pillows more interesting is by mixing in pillows with different textures so that the different weaves create some depth without pattern.


A few extra tips about pillow selection:

Don't buy tiny pillows.  Usually anything from an 18"x18" pillow to a 22"x22" pillow is the best bet for layering.  


Don't use poly-filled pillows unless it's for a eurosham.  All sofa pillows should really be down filled or a poly-down blend.

Do use odd numbered pillows to layer.


Do have fun with your pillow styling!

Design Trends | 2018

2018 is here!  With every new year, new design trends begin to evolve.  It usually takes about a year for the trend to fully take hold and then another year to grow.  Retailers have to get on board with manufacturing the product and there's a turnaround time for it to make it into stores.  So even though these items we're about to list are design trends for 2018, don't expect to be bombarded with them.  Just expect to notice them, little by little, and they make their way into your hearts.

Finishes are always fluctuating in design.  We went from brushed silver to chrome to iron, then gold and brass, and now matte black is on deck.  Black hardware and light fixtures will create a dramatic contrast off of white walls and light colored finishes so this design trend is sure to make a statement.


As far as kitchen colors go, all white kitchens are still holding their own in 2018.  However, you may see some pops of colors within the white.  In an attempt to warm things up and mix things up, many people will mix in some contrasting cabinetry making their kitchen a little more unique.


Tile continues to evolve and can pretty much be used in any and all applications now.  So expect to see it in more patterned applications covering full walls and bringing fun color to backsplashes.  It's more permanent than wallpaper but also more durable.


Side note: the new subway tile for 2018 is expected to be the fish scale pattern tile so plan to see more to of that this year too!

In bathrooms, homeowners are moving away from the pesky shower curtain and moving toward a more practical tub/shower combo.  If you're not ready to get rid of your tub but still want a nice-looking shower with some fun tile, you may be one of the people who install a glass insert in their tub/shower combo.  It doesn't provide much privacy but it does allow lots of natural light in.


We love that this next one is trending in 2018 because it's our jam!  Accent wall wall details will be hot in 2018.  While some of them may be shiplap many others will be other styles of wood paneling that range in style from super contemporary to much more traditional.  This type of wall detail is great for making an impact while keeping costs down.


Expect the floral patterns to continue to expand and the all white era to continue to recede.  People are not afraid of adding some visual interest to their interiors.


Finally, you will see a lot of metal finish mixing in 2018.  While this trend started about the same time gold because popular, it will really grow next year.  Don't be stuck in the "everything has to match" world.  If you are, you're depriving yourself of all the depth mixing metals has to offer a design!  And 2018 would agree.


We are so excited about what 2018 has to offer!  It's going to be a beautiful year!

These trends are as reported here on Houzz.

2017 | Year In Review

It's here again.  Another new year!  And so, as the tradition goes, we are sharing our 2017 year in review.

This year was one of the wildest at TMID--fast and furious, for sure!  It was a year full of (what felt like) never-ending design and installations.  We had a ton of great clients and produced some fabulous designs with a little bit of fun, team-building activities thrown in...oh! and a giant hurricane!  

At the beginning of the year, we had Stephen Allen take new head shots and team photos of everyone.  New year, new look, right?  Except these never got put on the website because we were too busy to finalize anything!


We spent many hours designing and installing models for Park Square Homes.  In the days leading up to the presentations, we would pretty much lock ourselves in the conference room to work through the designs as a team.


In the late Spring, we were featured in a 6-page spread for Interior Appeal!  Photos were, of course, by Stephen Allen.


Everybody needs mental breaks, so when the Atlas 5 rocket launch happened, we all went to see it!  Side note: we also checked out the solar eclipse together!


In the Fall, Hurricane Irma hit.  For awhile, we weren't worried...then, we were terrified...then, it wasn't as bad as they said it would be but it was still pretty bad.  And we're all still dealing with allergy issues because of it!


From September on, we were pretty much in crazy install land.  We did get a quick break to do a fabulous workshop at Board & Brush in November and created these awesome, customized signs!  But after that, we hit the ground running until Christmas.


The pictures below are snippets from installs completed throughout 2017--a mix of model homes and residences.  We are so excited about how beautiful these spaces turned out and look forward to more beautiful spaces in 2018! 


Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 9.26.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 9.27.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 9.27.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 9.26.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 9.26.05 PM.png

Color Trends | 2018 Forecast

Can you believe that 2017 is almost over?!  This year has flown by, without a doubt, and it's crazy to think that in just a few short weeks, we'll be on to 2018.  2017 has brought a lot of changes but we are looking forward to an even better 2018.  All that to say, what are the changes coming in 2018?  This article by Jennifer Ott outlines the colors that are expected to be big for Interiors in 2018 so we figured we'd pass the info along to help prep you for the upcoming year.

Even though whites will always be a classic look, colors for 2018 are going a little more moody.  We saw a little bit of this in 2017 but the trend is expected to continue to see growth in 2018.  Purples, blues, blacks, and charcoal are all expected to gain ground in the interior scene and beige is back!  Not the old beige that we saw so much of 10 years ago, but a little more grey beige that updates the look.

According to Pantone, people shouldn't be scared of color in 2018!  Here are some examples of rooms in moodier, warmer tones that  might make you excited about what next year has to offer!

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 10.21.25 PM.png

The Minimalist Look | How to Accomplish It

For many, clutter is stressful.  It's stuff to dust, re-arrange, store, display, move, get rid of, etc.  It's just more work.  Because of that. the minimalist movement has really made headway and people are looking to simplify and downsize.  The time of have lots of stuff is no more.  But how do you accomplish the minimalist look?  It seems simple because it's streamlined but it's actually a little more involved than clearing off your shelves.


Aside from de-cluttering, the color palette you use in your home affects a minimalist look.  Going with muted, subtle colors is one of the first major steps to accomplishing a minimalist look.  White is a go-to color choice but it's not the only one that works with the minimalist style.  Beige, grey, even creamy tones will all blend with this style.  While pops of color are coming back and becoming more and more popular after years of white on white on white, those pops aren't something you'll want to incorporate in a minimalist home.


When selecting wall decor and art, always go with less pieces in a larger size.  Clutter on counters and shelves is the same thing as clutter on the walls which is what a lot of small pieces can look like (unless it's put into a well-designed gallery wall).


Window treatments are nice and we definitely think that are a big part of making a room look finished, however, these can also get heavy looking.  If your windows have shutters or are trimmed out nicely, you may be able to get away without putting drapes up which is the most minimalist look.  If you definitely need window treatments, just keep them simple and streamlined so as not to add any cluttering to the space.


Finally, focus on your architectural details.  If you can highlight molding and trim or any beams or fireplaces in your home, make this the focal point instead of artwork and furniture and it will help steer your home in the minimalist direction.  Overall, the minimalist look and style will help declutter your life and head which will help eliminate stress!