5 Important Bathroom Elements

Everybody knows that bathrooms and kitchens are the two rooms that sell houses.  I would even go so far to say that these two rooms are probably 2 places that people spend most of their time in their home.  Well, aside from the bed.  Bathroom comes in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few important elements that, when selected carefully, can really help make a bathroom beautiful.  Not just beautiful, different.  These 5 details are items that shouldn't be ignored, because we all know, the design is in the details.

Knobs & Pulls are the like the jewelry to a bathroom.  Even if your bathroom doesn't have a lot of cabinetry, a few great knobs or pulls can really make a difference. Upgrading hardware is also an easy way to spice up existing cabinetry that you can't afford to refinish or replace.  It can easily give a bathroom new life--especially if you pick something really interesting and fun that people can't help but notice!

Modern bathroom

Grout is usually one of those afterthought, last minute items that people don't realize can really make an impact!  Pick your grout color carefully!  If you have tiled walls or a tiled shower, consider selecting a grout that contrasts the tile color rather than just going with a grout color that blends.  The difference can give your tile depth and visual interest and it's not going to cost you any more money!

White subway tile bathroom

Did you know that tile has trim and molding just like wood?  Consider this if you're thinking of re-tiling.  A couple extra trim pieces can create a finished look that might be unexpected but will completely transform a small bathroom.  We've even created a chair rail and paneling look with tile trim pieces!  The possibilities are endless!

Mirrors end up being such a focal point in bathrooms, so consider a fancy mirror to liven up your space.  Something other than a rectangle and other than white will immediately change the feel.  The nice part about a mirror switch-out is that it's extremely inexpensive and makes a large impact so you'll get a lot of bang for your buck!  If you don't have a mirror that will work to replace your current vanity mirror, check antique stores or even Ikea.  You can get some great mirrors for very little money.

Master bathroom

The last and final detail that shouldn't be ignored is the stone for the vanity.  If you can afford to get a granite or quartz, do it!  Most vanities aren't too big, in comparison to a kitchen, so you may even get away with selecting a remnant instead of having to purchase an entire slab.  Who knows, you may even score a nice piece of marble for cheap!

All white bathroom

If you can't afford an entire bathroom remodel, pick a couple of items off of this list and use them as a place to start.  That way you know you're making changes that are worth it!