As Seen On | 10 Things You Need In Your HOME by Age 30 [Part 1]

This week we're featuring a great article put out by Elle Decor titled "10 Things You Must Have in Your Home By Age 30".  Since I recently turned 30, this was big one for me!  Did I have these things in my home or not!?  I was pleasantly surprised that I did have each one of the items listed, but thought it would be good to share these items with you!  The great thing about each item is that it's not necessarily a big-ticket item or something that you'd have to save up a lot of money to purchase (IF you're 30 and don't have a lot of expendable income).  These items are simply pieces that help make a home look finished and that you, as the home owner, can appreciate!

Here's Part 1 of our re-cap!

#1 Art you love!  This is great because art can be anything!  It could be one of your child's paintings or a small item you purchased on a trip somewhere.  It could also be a very expensive piece or even something you painted, but it doesn't have to be!  The great thing about Art is that it's subjective--beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, so if you love it, it's going to add a lot to your home!

Living room

#2 An Organized Bookshelf!  When I first saw this listed, I thought it was kind of funny, but the writer really meant, a "display area" with pieces on it that are interesting and visible to anyone who walks into your home.  A lot of people think they need to stuff bookshelves with books, but you can really but all sorts of items on bookshelves--pictures, sculptures, art, name it!  So make sure to have one that's organized nicely and display some important pieces!

Bedroom with red accents

#3 Matching Towels!  This is a great one!  A lot of times a bathroom gets neglected when it comes to design because it's a functional space, but bathrooms should get love too!  Not to mention the fact that you use the space A LOT and it should be enjoyable for you to be in!  So get a nice set of matching towels that are soft a fluffy for you to use after a bath.

Bathroom with hidden cabinet

#4 A Plant!  This is a great one too.  Plants and greenery in general add a lot to a space, so having at least one plant adds a type of life to a space that can really make it feel cozy.  If you can do some sort of tree, that's great.  But if you kill plants, a little potted one works too!  We know that not everyone has a green thumb!

Office space

#5  A Nice Mattress and Headboard.  I remember, the first thing my husband and I bought when we got our tax return back after the first year of being married was our mattress.  It could be one of the best things we ever bought!  Sleep is so important and a good mattress makes all the difference--don't skimp!  Also, if you're like most people, your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so a nice headboard is absolutely necessary for making look finished.

Master bedroom soft color pallet

So far, we're completely on board with this list!  But there's still more to come!  Stay tuned for #6-#10 next week!