As Seen On | 10 Things You Need In Your HOME by Age 30 [Part 2]

Last week we talked about the first 5 things Elle Decor listed as part of the Top 10 Things to Have in your Home by Age 30.  This week, we're finishing the list!  To re-cap, the first five were art you love, an organized (or styled) bookshelf, matching towels, a plant, and a nice mattress and headboard.  None of the items listed are too ridiculous, however, they are useful and interesting.  The last five items are mostly the same way, although there is a dash of fancy thrown in.

#6 A Collection--this  can be really awesome for people who like to collect items or kind of an ugh! for those who prefer a more minimalist look.  They don't specify what kind of collection, though, so be a little liberal with it.  Maybe you simply like to collect items from your travels, or interesting vases.  And even if you have a collection, you don't have to have it all on display in the same place. Spread it out!   Whatever you choose to collect and however you decide to display it, make sure it's meaningful.  It's things like these that make a house a home because it gives it character.


#7 Bathroom Accessories (that aren't plastic!)--Bathroom accessories can be purchased all over, so just because you're buying ones that aren't plastic doesn't mean they have to come from a "really expensive" store.  Check out your local HomeGoods  or the sale section at Macy's.  Item's like these can be really affordable but also add a touch of class to the bathroom.  It's time to upgrade!


#8  Your Favorite Candle.  Personally, I love candles, so this wouldn't be a hard one for me.  However, candles do more than just make your house smell nice--the light from a candle creates great ambiance and they make for a fun accessories.  Candles come in all kinds of fun jars, so it's nice to have a few sitting around that can be used when you just want your house to smell nice.  Make sure you pick a scent that can be smelled throughout your home!  Candle light is nice but don't waste your money on a candle you can't smell!

Master bathroom tub

#9 Two Bedside Tables. Many people let their bedrooms go and worry more about the common areas in their home that guests will see.  While this makes sense, it's important to have a balanced bedroom.  The bedroom is where you go to relax, so make sure it's disjointedness doesn't affect your relaxation.  Having bedside tables that ground and balance out your sleeping space also creates a more mature, finished look.

master bedroom

#10 A Luxurious Throw.  Here's where the splash of fancy comes in!  While almost everyone probably has a blanket laying around their home, you have to ask yourself if it's one that you would want people to see.  Similar to non-plastic bathroom accessories, a fun, fancy throw can be found in any number of easily accessible stores like Target or Pier 1 and doesn't have to break the bank.  However, it serves as a nice accessory and gives your guest something nicer than your old ratty blanket to curl up in if they're hanging out at your house.

Formal living room

Well that's the end of our two-part series on the Top 10 Things You Need In Your Home By Age 30.  Thanks to Elle Decor, you've got some pretty easy ways to add finishing touches to your home!  For the full article, click HERE.