We're Looking Up! | Ceiling Colors that will Brighten Your Day

Most of us have been taught that dark colors make a room feel small and light colors open the space up.  We've carried this idea on with ceiling as well by keeping ceiling colors light in order to avoid feeling like our ceilings are falling down on us.  This thought process is true, to an extent, but is not always the case.  Think of your ceiling as an alternative way to add color to a space--use it, but don't overuse it.  Here are some suggestions of ways that ceiling colors can work well in a room.

Consider keeping the walls white or some pale neutral and only applying color to the ceiling!  When selecting the color, choose from the rest of the items in the room--bedding, window treatments, pillows, art, so that it coordinates.  This can make for a really interesting space that doesn't feel like a cave because there's color on the ceiling.  Instead, the neutral walls open the space up but the ceiling gives you a little punch of color.

Painted ceiling in the bedroom

Most of us don't have this issue, but some homes have smaller rooms with really tall ceilings.  This can make you feel like you're living in some sort of tunnel.  In a situation like this, paint on the ceiling can actually balance out the space and make it feel a little more even.  Take a look at this room.  The paint color extends from the ceiling down onto the walls to short the visual appearance of the walls and make the room feel less tunnel-like.

Pink and orange bedroom with painted ceiling

Your home may not have very much wall space for various reasons.  In a situation like this, color on the ceiling may be your only option.  When implementing this technique, make sure the color coordinates with the rest of the room--art, softwoods, flooring, etc. so that it flows, but don't miss out on having color in your home because your wall space is limited!

Family room with orange ceiling

Maybe you just have a normal home with normal wall space and normal ceiling heights but you're still interested in adding color to the ceiling.  You can!  When selecting the color, though, try to avoid something bright and excessively vibrant.  Instead, good with a more muted color--something rich could be nice, but keep it tamed.

One other thing to consider when painting your ceilings--a painted ceiling is less common than painted walls so you want to make sure it's done right.  Try framing it out with molding to make it look finished.  You don't want it to look like you just just slapped a coat of paint on the ceiling as an experiment.  Make it look intentional and it was make the whole space feel like it fits!

Master bedroom with blue ceiling