Even though it's fairly warm in Florida, there's still a winter coming.  And when the holidays pass and it's time to take all of your happy holiday decorations down, you'll be looking for ways to freshen up your house so that the winter blues don't set in.  So today, we're talking about some easy ways to spruce up your house and give it a fresh face for winter.

Re-visit your centerpieces.  Now is the time to freshen up those tablescapes and coffee table decor by bringing in fun textures and heights.  Look for candlesticks and books that can be stacked.  Maybe even some greenery and small sculptures that will make your tables interesting for the winter (since you'll be inside looking at them more than usual).

Swap out your shower curtain.  Shower curtains are inexpensive and are usually the focal point of a bathroom--they also usually dictate the rest of the decor.  Consider what you've already got in your bathroom and check into finding a replacement that works with the rest of your accessories but adds a fresh face to your bathroom.  Maybe you currently have a shower curtain with a little blue and a lot of white--swap it out with a shower curtain that has a lot of blue and just a little white.  That way it will work with the rest of your accessories but adds more color to the space!

Paint. Of course paint is one of the easiest way to completely change a space but you don't even have to paint an entire room.  Consider painting a single piece of furniture---small or big, it could be the change you need to give your room another feel or send it in a different direction.  Pick a fun piece of furniture and paint it an interesting color--one that will brighten up the room during those blah winter months.  Little changes like this could be all it takes to spruce up your home and make it happy for the winter.

Do you have a large, inexpensive piece of art that could be moved to another place or a mirror that could be replaced?  Do you have a blank wall that could use a little love--simply re-arranging the art in your home can make a big difference.  What about re-arranging your kitchen counters or swapping out some of the accessories and books on your shelves?  Change out some of your toss pillows or a throw blanket.  Fluff, move, re-accessorize!  All of these things are easy ways to spruce up your house for the winter.  Don't let those cold winter months get you down--take charge of your space and make it an area you enjoy being in!  It doesn't always have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time!