Resolutions | Making 2015 The Best Year For Your Home

2015 is already here!  That's crazy!  I remember when the year 2000 was about to hit and everyone thought there would be a major world crisis.  It's hard to believe that we're 15 years past that now!

We think that 2015 is going to be a big year for us, but we want it to be a great year for you too!  We don't want anyone to continue to live in a space that doesn't feel like home.  Everyone should feel like their home is a place they can relax in (at least one room of it!) and shut out the worries of the world.  It should be cozy and comfortable and a place you enjoy being.  So today, we're focusing more on perspective; gaining a solid, grounded perspective on your home and determining what you love about it or how you CAN love things about it.  There are lovely homes of all different sizes and styles and just because your home doesn't look like the ones in a magazine doesn't mean it can't be just right for you.

When trying to gain that positive perspective on a home, the first thing to do is appreciate what you already have.  Your home may not be perfect, but it most-likely serves it's purpose to shelter you and your family.  Not everyone can say that they have this type of shelter, with windows and doors that open and close, running water, or central heating and air.  Be grateful for those walls that your family can enjoy time together in, where you can cook a meal and eat with each other, and sleep safely.

Once you've realized that just the simple fact that you have a house is a blessing, take a moment to decide what you really DO love about your home.  We believe that homes should be a reflection of the people that live in them.  The walls should have meaningful pieces hung on them and the cushions of the seats should be comfortable and inviting.  What sorts of things like that make you love your home?  Do you have lots of memories there, does it hold a scent that reminds you of your children.  Is it filled with books that have stories that have taken you to another place?  Beyond that, even smaller things like, a blanket that is pretty AND warm or a beautiful dining table that you saved up for and love gathering around.  Is it the color of the walls in your bedroom or the backsplash you just added to your kitchen?  Think about these things and savor them.  They are parts of you that are reflected in your home.

After you decide on the things you love, pick out the things you hate.  Maybe not the things you just dislike or wouldn't mind changing, but the things you just can't stand. If it's a constant eyesore and it can be taken down or removed, do it!  Try to eliminate as much negative as possible.  This may be easier said than done, depending on your home and what specific things you hate, but if it's just a piece of art or some window treatments, stop looking at them!  Even if you can't replace them right away, removing them from eye sight is better than looking at them every day and getting angry.

As you move new pieces in or swap new pieces out, don't get caught up in quantity.  Have more isn't always better.  Consider your attachment to a piece before you buy it.  Do you love it?  Do you have a purpose for it?  Don't waste time buying things you don't have a place for.  Clutter isn't good for anyone.

If you have a small home and sometimes feel yourself getting antsy about space, consider the benefit of having a smaller home.  A bigger home requires you to have more stuff to fill it, but a smaller home means you have to pair down and streamline.  This forces you to avoid clutter and excess which is a good thing!

Every once in awhile, it's ok to splurge and buy something special for your home.  Those special things become things you LOVE about your home and will slowly help create a space that you adore.

Don't give up on your home!  No matter where you are with it or how you live in it.  All homes are a work in process, so just enjoy the ride!