Designer Tips | Decorating Kids Rooms Without Breaking the Bank

Last week we talked about design ideas for teens and looked at everything from bed size to color combinations to seating options.  This week, we're discussing the younger crowd--the crowd that will still let you decorate their room and have most of the say over how it looks--the babies & toddlers.  Kids aren't little for long and don't always have the trust in your decision making that they do with they're babies & toddlers, so take advantage!  Obviously, because this time period isn't forever and there will come a time when they want to decide what their rooms look like, don't break the bank either.  This week we're discussing some crafty, money saving options for decorating kids rooms!

The walls are going to be the place to get your biggest impact and they're also going to be the largest canvas.  Wall decor isn't just paint and art anymore--there are other ways to decorate walls and they're not always that expensive.  If you know us, you know our first suggestion for walls is going to be the use of wallpaper.  Although, this time, not in the same way that we've suggested it for adult spaces in the past.  Wallpaper in kid rooms can be used creatively to where you don't need much of it and it can create a one-of-a-kind piece of decor that only your child has.  Use wallpaper to back bookshelves to add a little pattern, cut out a shape (or shapes) and apply it to the wall that way instead of in rolls.  Or, if you'd prefer something a little less permanent, try wall decals.  Just like wallpaper, these come in a variety of patterns but can be pealed off the wall fairly easily.  Create your own pattern on the wall or ceiling or even on the front of a piece of furniture.   

Closet doors are no longer being treated as a separate entity from the wall, so don't overlook this area when decorating walls.  Closet doors can handle the same application that the walls do or even something a little more unique and special to make them coordinate with the walls.  Either way, include the doors!

Washi tape is also a fun way to add pattern and different colors to the walls.  Washi tape is almost like a painters tape where it can be applied to something and, when removed, it doesn't leave any adhesive behind.  It's a little thinner than painters tape but still has a good stick.  It's also very inexpensive ...almost like a decal.  If you're one who can get creative with patterns, washi tape might be just the thing you'd love to decorate your kid's room.

Finally, decals are a super easy way to add pattern.  They come in small geometric shapes that, just like wallpaper, can be applied to the wall or ceiling.  But they also come in larger scale mural-style images--trees and clouds, even people.  Regardless of the style direction you're taking your child's room, you can most likely find a decal that will coordinate, make a big impact, and cost very little.

Making your own artwork may sound scary but it doesn't have to be.  Fabric comes in all sorts of patterns and colors, just like wallpaper, so this can easily be your artwork.  An inexpensive frame and some fun fabric can instantly brighten up a space.  Get creative with how you frame it, too.  Instead of just framing one small piece or even one large piece, frame multiple pieces and hang them in a gallery wall look the make a big impact.

Don't forget about going back to basics to save money, either.  Re-purposing a piece of furniture that you used in another space--a fresh coat of paint still works wonders.  Or, swapping out some hardware to jazz things up a little--dresser hardware, closet hardware, or even door hardware.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun with it!  Your kids are only little once and, like we said earlier, there isn't a whole lot of time in their lives that they'll let you have complete control of their rooms so take advantage!