Life Lessons | Make This Thanksgiving The Best Yet

It's Thanksgiving week.  Have you started reflecting on what you're thankful for?  We know it sounds cliché but considering how much we take for granted throughout the year, it's nice to take a little time to appreciate your blessings.  This goes for Thanksgiving dinner too.  We spend so much time preparing for this meal, getting our home clean, setting out the perfect decor...and we forget that this is the time to enjoy.  If you can relate, then this post is for you.  Today we're discussing a few ways to make the day a little more relaxing for you while still being beautiful & tasty for everyone else.

Set realistic expectations.  Does your family consist of lots of small children that will most likely walk in and make a mess of everything?  Is that magazine picture really an attainable image for your holiday gathering?  Will the perfection of everything be lost on your guests?  Things to consider.  Because, if you're going to all the trouble to do these things for yourself, you're stressing yourself out for the wrong reason.  Take the perfection down a notch, put away some of the cute holiday decor that the kids are sure to break, and be ok with your guests not noticing.  Once you come to grips with a lower expectation, you eliminate the frustration and disappointment that comes with un-met expectations.  Believe us.  Not worth it.

PRE prepare.  The day of and even the day before can be crazy with last minute items.  So try to accomplish some of the small tasks even earlier.  Many food items can be frozen & thawed immediately before cooking or serving.  Set your holiday table early and remember to keep it simple.  By doing these things beforehand, you eliminate the items you're scrambling to do during the event.  Everybody loves it when a host can conversion so be sure to be present for your guests!

Keep them out of the kitchen.  The kitchen is commonly a place that people like to hangout for holiday gatherings.  The kitchen is usually at the center of the house and is also where all the food is (so it smells good), so guests just naturally gravitate towards it.  Don't let them stay!  One way to pull your guests out of the kitchen is by setting up a separate appetizer & drink station.  This accomplishes a couple of different things...1. It allows guests to refill their drinks right before eating without getting in the way of those who are getting their dinner. 2. It creates another "eating area" where people will most likely hangout (instead of kitchen!).  Food makes for happy guests and an un-cluttered workspace makes for a less-stressed host.

Reflect.  Right before guests arrive, when the house smells good and is still clean & decorated, take a moment to just sit and breathe.  You've worked hard, people are going to enjoy themselves in your home...YOU'RE going to enjoy yourself in your home.  It's going to be a good day.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!