Thursday Thoughts | Easy Ways to Update a Traditional Home

Have you ever looked at your house and thought--this is so traditional!!  You want to make it current and updated but you feel stuck by the architecture and style of the home.  These thoughts are not uncommon.  Many people feel confined in their design style because of the architecture of their home.  In a world where old is new and well-styled spaces can be an eclectic mix, don't let these architectural features define your spaces.  Today we're going to share a few easy ways to make a traditional home look a little more updated and current without ripping out all of the architecture.

One of the easiest things to swap out that makes a huge difference is lighting.  If you have a really traditional light fixture in your foyer, dining room, or family room, re-select something more contemporary and swap it out!  We recommend starting from the top-down, anyway, so this change is a good first step!

Do a pattern check.  What kinds of patterns do you have in your softgoods--paiselys and plaids or large-scale geometrics and florals.  Layering in the updated fabrics can also create big strides in the "update of your home".  A large scale rug and some toss pillows makes more difference than you know!

Simplify the look of your windows.  If you're living in a  traditional style home, you may have lots of detail in the molding and trim around your windows.  This architectural element on top of a large, drapey curtain and heavy hardware can really make a room feel over-done.  The whole look and feel of a modern home is clean lines and simplified style.  In your case, let the architecture do the work.  Forget all the extra fabric and draping, try painting your trim and letting the contrasting color speak for itself.

Paint.  If you're up for it.  The color on your walls can date a room, so this is something to consider, but it's not absolutely necessary.  However, if it's something you're planning to do, go with a neutral tone.  The thing with contemporary style is that the color and accents is brought in with accessories.  Gone are the days of ornate pieces of furniture towering over everything in a room and covered with stuff.  With the recession, design has simplified itself and turned a little more utilitarian--pieces need to have a purpose and these purposes might change and need to be swapped out, so don't get too tied to any one piece.

Art.  Do it right and go big.  We love a large piece of art that makes a statement in the room.  One. Large. Piece.  Not a thousand smaller pieces.  Smaller wall hangings add to the clutter.  Find that spot on your wall and pick a piece of art that fills it and is worthy of being the focal point.  This type of decorating will take the focus away from the unnecessary details and draw your eye to one main thing.  It's a way to distract from things you'd prefer people didn't see and focus their attention on something you do.

Do you have a traditional style home that you're wanting to update?!  If so, let us help!  If you choose to do it on your own, we'd love to see how you updated it too!