Thinking of Remodeling? | Ways to Save

Remodeling can be tough.  You can plan and plan and plan as much as possible before hand and still be left with surprises because you don't know exactly what you're in for until you actually start work.  And surprises equal money!  So today we're going to talk about some ways that you can save money on the front/preparation end so that those pricey surprises don't sink your budget.

It's always better to re-use what you've got, so if you can use your existing cabinets, do it! Cabinets can come to life with a new stain or fresh coat of paint and some hardware.  Even if you are refiguring your kitchen layout and use the existing cabinets in a different formation, you'll have a new kitchen without spending all the money new cabinets cost!  Or, replace the doors only and keep the existing boxes.  This is another easy way to cut unnecessary costs!  If you absolutely need new cabinets (doors & boxes) and can't work with your existing, choose ones that are ready to assemble.  Anything custom is going to eat up a significant chunk of money and there are some very nice rta options available.

Another way to save is by minimizing the product.  Mix upper cabinets with open shelving and you'll be able to save costs in product right there!  Open shelving also creates a more interesting look in a kitchen.  Not only can it be made of a different product but it can be a different color than the existing cabinets and create an almost custom look even if you're using ready to assemble cabinets.  It's also a way to ditch the old traditional China cabinet as a use for displaying interesting dishes or china.

While we all like natural stone for it's beauty, it's not always the most economical when it comes to a kitchen.  For this reason, consider alternative counter top options when planning your kitchen remodel.  If you absolutely love granite but can't afford it, try mixing the countertop materials.  Maybe do granite on the island only or mix it with quartz or butcher block.  Again, when you do this not only are you saving money but you're creating a more customized look that looks expensive but doesn't break the bank.

Save the layout!  When you try to re-arrange your kitchen layout, costs can quickly add up!  The reason for that is that you have to move plumbing fixtures, fix floors, worry about electrical, and repaint.  It may also require new appliances.  So if you can avoid it, avoid it!  It'll save you lots on the back end!

If you just can't deal with your kitchen and need to tear into the walls, change the plumbing, replace the appliances, get custom-sized cabinets, and want granite, that's ok!  But if you don't have the budget for it all right now, consider doing it in phases.  It's not the most fun but it may be easier financially in the long run.  When considering what phases can wait until last, look at the small thing--backsplash, hardware, lighting.  It's normally the finishing details that will ultimately make your kitchen sparkle, however, it's also the details that are unnecessary right away and can absolutely add up.

If you're doing a kitchen remodel in general, good luck!  It's never fun during the process but have a newly designed kitchen IS oh, so fun!