Commonsensical | Simple Tips for Increasing Storage

Everybody has "stuff".  No matter how minimalistic you are, you still have those items that you don't use all the time but need to have storage for.  If we're honest, though, there are a lot of us that have too much stuff.  We're the ones that buy things even before we've figured out where they'll go or how we'll use them and then end up sitting in a closet somewhere with the intention of being saved for "one day" and then eventually forgotten. 

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you could probably use more storage.  I mean, seriously, who couldn't?!  So today we're talking about some simple storage tricks everyone can use to get that "stuff" under control.

Even though this is the first place I'm listing, it's always the last place I use.  Under the bed.  I'll be honest, there is something de-cluttering to my mind about a clean space under the bed, but I will also admit that there's a lot of storage space under there!  So, if you do it right and you have the right tools to make use of this space, it can come in very handy!  Let's start with containers!  Shoving stuff under the bed doesn't really count as "storage".  To me, storage is neat and organized and makes your life easier.  If you have to pull everything out and break your back finding something under the bed every time you need it, you've defeated the purpose, so get storage bins!  Long, low, thin ones that will slide easily hold items in an organized manner.

Wall space.  Use it!  If you've got a long open area of wall space that can accommodate some shelves, do it!  Not only will this area create a large amount of storage but it can serve double duty as a display area.  So if you're a collector and you've accumulated stuff that's worth showing off, this shelf area serves as a storage and display place for all of your great items! 

Contain the paper!  No matter how green this world is trying to get, there's still lots of paper we have to deal with!  One easy way to contain paper is by creating some sort of memo board section in your house.  This could be anywhere-- office, mudroom, or kitchen, and it will allow you to have easy access to paper work or pictures that you need while also freeing up some counter or drawer space!

Baskets and boxes and bins, oh my! Shelf storage is great but there's only so much stacking you want to do on shelves.  Baskets and bins and boxes make stacking look a little nicer and also make the storage go up!  This type of consolidation works great for closets too.  Just because items are behind closed doors doesn't mean the storage space has been maximized.  Adding a few more storage containers can double or even triple your storage so it's definitely worth the investment!

The last option which is good if you're looking for a permanent fix and have a little extra money to throw at your storage situation.  A built-in.  The thing with built-ins is that they can be customized.  You can have open, exposed shelves as well as lots of doors and drawers.  Create the exact type and amount of storage that you need with a builtin!  These additions are also furniture pieces and, when done nicely, can really change the look of an entire room!

Do you have storage issues?  Did any of this help you?  We hope so!  Check in next week for more designer advice that you can incorporate into your home!