Make It Work | Neutral Spaces

I love neutrals!  They're calming and classic and a room done in all neutrals doesn't have to be boring!  Some people think that a room without color is dull and lifeless, but there are ways to incorporate a little pops of life into a neutral space so that it's interesting and unique but it still has the overall feel of being neutral.

Some may think that designing a neutral space is easy.  They think it doesn't take talent to create a space that feels warm without color....wrong!  Because neutral spaces have less color, the warm and depth that a well-designed space have must be accomplished using other design elements.  The first one is texture.  A great space has layers and layers of textures.  The rug and the window treatments, pillows, upholstery--bring in new textures!  Even if they're all the same color, they way the light reflects off of them will make them appear to be a little varied which will give the room warmth.  If you're wondering what we mean by texture, think of all the different kinds of fabrics out there--leathers, silks, faux fur, chenille, velvet, cotton...bring them in!

Don't forget about your finishes either!  Woods, metals, and glass are all different textures and finishes too!  These elements layered in a neutral space create variety and visual interest.  If you're worried about incorporating the color of finishes like the brown in wood or gold or silver of certain metals, don't be!  These organic colors are actually considered neutrals too and will blend nicely in a neutral space!

If you're set in have some kind of a color in your neutral space--pick one and stick with it!  We're ok with a little pop of color, as long as it's not overdone.  Use it in an accent piece or some pillows...even a piece of art, but don't go crazy or you'll loose the feel you're trying to accomplish.

Get nature involved.  Just like the metal, wood, and glass finishes, bringing in color through nature accomplishes the goal of adding depth AND color AND texture without being obvious about it.  Incorporating plants is a sneaky way of livening a space up--it doesn't look like a colorful room but it still feels like it!

Don't forget about the layers!  Even after you've added the layers of texture and wood and nature, add more!  Add more pillows and picture frames and throw blankets and...whatever else you need to to make the room feel finished.  Bring in some of your personality in the accents so the space feels personal!  A room that feels collected and well-loved is comfortable.

Good design is in the details.  It's not restricted to room with color or room without color.  It comes in the small things that often get overlooked but matter the most.  Don't deprive your home of the details!