Designer Tips | Dealing with Small Spaces

We all have them, a small little area that the builder thought would be a "great idea" becomes the biggest design challenge in your whole house!  Isn't it funny how just a little space can turn into such a big problem.  We get it, these areas can be difficult, but we've got some tips for you today that may help you get it together!

As for any space, the important thing is to give it a purpose.  Why does it exist?  How will you use it?  It may be the hardest part of making a small space come to life, but it's also the most important.  A space, any space, without purpose quickly becomes a junk collecting area.  It gets forgotten and neglected and  becomes useless.  Pick a purpose for your space.  Do you need some extra shelving, could you hang some hooks and make it a coat/bag station?  Would a little writing desk work in it or maybe just a decorative table display?  You know your home and how you use it, so we can't tell you what will be best, but we can say that you have make a choice.

Once you've said, this is what the space will be used for!, start considering how to make it look bigger.  This doesn't have to be a huge deal, but a little something to help expand the space will do wonders.  If there's a window in the space, place a mirror in an area that reflects the light from the window.  This will lighten and brighten the area making it appear a little larger.

Pick the emotion that you want associated with the space.  Do you want it to be a cozy corner or a light and airy chill zone?  Once you determine the emotional connotation you're going for, pick a paint color to match.  The paint color doesn't have to go on the walls, either.  It can go on a major piece of furniture in the space or can be brought in through art.  Again, it's important to consider the natural light that's available.  Is there a window where white walls can reflect or do you need to lean more towards darker shades to play up the already existing lack of light?

Make it quirky.  C'mon!  It's just a small little area.  Make it fun!  Bring in a fun pattern or funky art--give the space the personality it needs to hold it's own. 

Take note of the already existing corners and crevices in the area.  Don't try to fit square pegs in round holes when you're designing it--work with the pre-existing layout of the space and find furniture that fits it.  A room will sort of tell you what it needs for it to work--be sure to listen!  This may mean you have to find some special furniture but adding those sorts of pieces make the space unique and special!

Be sure to go up with the decor too!  Use wall space--not only for art and images but also for storage.  And round out those corners!  Sharp corners make for hard edges and detract from the flow of a space.  The last thing a small space needs is a wall that dead ends into nothing.  Rounded objects and pieces of furniture round these corners out and make the room feel a little more free-flowing and organic...not forced.