In the Know | Sinks

Thinking of updating your bathroom sink?  Or just interested in the different sink options that are out there and want to know some pros and cons?  Today we're discussing benefits and disadvantages of a variety of sink types.  Read on to figure out which sink is best for you and your home!

We'll start with a few of the more common sinks: undermount, over mount, and pedestal.

The undermount sink is convenient for a number of reasons--it provides a clean look by being mounted under the counter therefore there's no rim showing that clutters up the counter top.  It's also easier to clean.  The rim of a an over mount sink can catch water around the outside edge but an undermount minimizes this by allowing you to sweep water and any other debris directly into the sink instead of allowing them to puddle around the outside edge.  Undermount sinks can be a little more expensive, so you have to determine if the cost is worth the convenience, and they're also really only options with a solid surface countertop.

The over mount sink is less expensive than the undermount so you'll definitely save money going with this option. These sinks are versatile and easy to come by.  They work well with pretty much any countertop surface since the rim of the sink itself is what keeps the water from and come with a variety of rim types. Unfortunately, the cleaning issue does arise with over mount sinks. Water easily pools and grime catches around the outside edge so you have to be very intentional about keeping the surface around the edge of it clean!

Pedestal sinks are very common in smaller bathrooms or powder baths.  These types of sinks provide an interesting architectural detail that isn't always an option with undermount or over mount sinks.  Pedestal sinks come with a variety of decorative details as well.  Unfortunately, there is no storage with pedestal sinks--probably the number one disadvantage.  They also present a cleaning issue since there is often a gap between the wall and sink where the plumbing is.  Again, you'll have to decide if the pros are more valuable to you than the cons.

Some of the other more specialized sinks that you may be considering include a wall mounted sink, a vessel sink, and a semi recessed sink.  These sinks are going to be a little more expensive but also have their own advantages and disadvantages!

The wall mounted sink is definitely a space saver!  Since it's mounted directly to the wall, there's no need for a base or cabinets, so it's a great option for small spaces!  This goes for the plumbing too--it's all hidden in the wall behind the sink!  These types of sinks offer a very contemporary, streamlined look that could be the perfect look for your bathroom!  On the other hand, though, no cabinets means no storage space.  So if you're one of those homeowners who needs all the storage they can get (which, let's be honest, most of us are), then this might not be the sink for you.

The vessel sink became popular a number of years ago and still has it's place among bathroom designs.  These sinks make a great showpiece in any bathroom.  They hold lots of water and come in a variety of materials.  A nice design detail, if we do say so ourselves!  The disadvantage of these sinks, though, is similar to that of an over-mount....the outside isn't as easy to clean.  You can't simply brush water back into the sink because it's sitting on top of the counter.  Because of their positioning, you also have to consider the height of your countertop.  With a sink that sits higher up, you want to make sure access to the bowl is realistic!

What's your sink preference?  The more practical, relatively less expensive options or the more designer-looking, maybe less practical, more expensive ones?!