Get Creative | Outdoor Dividers

Since summer is officially here with Memorial Day having just passed, we're thinking about outdoor spaces and how you can freshen up yours!  Sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to create a great outdoor seating area that doesn't feel like it's just sort of floating in your big back yard.  Since creating "spaces" is our specialty, we're going to discuss some ways for you to do that today.

When you have a big blank canvas, it can be hard to determine where you want to start.  Do you want gravel or pavers?  A swing set or a fire pit?  The best thing for a backyard, we think, is a seating area.  It's great for lounging on a Spring evening, entertaining friends, watching the kids play, and re-sale!  So, we suggest that you start with figuring out how to incorporate that first!  A seating area can be just two chairs OR! it can be a cozy little space with some substance.  Spaces need division---what sets this space apart from that one?  And there are many different ways to add division in your yard.

First of all, you want something that can be green in some way.  Whether that's because greenery can grown on it or because it's green itself.  Greenery is a must in any outdoor seating area.  And since we love the look of soft vines weaving in and out of a trellis--that's our first go to!  A trellis can be free standing or attached to something, but it's a perfect option because vines and flowers can easily attach themselves and flourish because they'll get both water and sunlight, but also because it's an organic wall in an outdoor space to create division.  You can also add to a trellis--if your yard is small and you only have a little space for a seating are, one freestanding trellis wall may be plenty.  But if you have a larger space that requires a corner to be sectioned out, you can build off the trellis to make 2 or 3 walls and have your own outdoor living room!

If building a trellis structure is more than you bargained for and you're looking for something even MORE organic, stone is also an option!  Maybe you need a lower divider that doesn't have to make such a statement.  In this case, stack a bunch of stones in a curve to create a little niche for a couple of chairs and a table.  You can either add greenery to the stones by adding some moss or by simply setting potted plants on the stones.  Either way, it's definitely earthy!

If you'd rather just use what's already in your backyard and you have a number of trees, use these to create your seating space!  If you need to add more in pots to really make it look lush and to create the shape that's necessary, go for it!  But a cozy little nook made out of lots of greenery sounds especially inviting!

Some of you may not organic at all, and are all about hardscaping and something that will weather wall.  If this is you, go for something more permanent like concrete planters that are attached to the ground or even some low level brick walls with planters built-in.  If you need a serious structural addition, don't be afraid to add it, just don't forget to include spots for the greenery!  This little piece of the puzzle it key to melding the indoors with the outdoors to create that perfect relaxing space!