Quick Fix | Freshen Up Your Bathroom's Look

Bathroom's can be a big undertaking but they don't have to be!  Yes, you can rip out all of the tile, re-do all your plumbing, worry about pulling permits and passing inspection OR, you can make any number of quick fixes that will make a big impact without causing you fine lines & wrinkles or your hair!  If you have a large bathroom, you may have to consider doing more of these things to get an updated look, but these tips are great for powder baths, guest baths, and even a smaller master bath.

Lighting.  LIGHTING!  It's one of the easiest ways to update any space but especially a bathroom. Lighting is important in bathrooms not just for look but for function as well.  Powder bathrooms may not need the task lighting that a waster bathroom does, but it still needs something that provides enough light and style.  Flush or Semi-Flush mount lights are often the way to go in bathrooms, unless your ceilings are really high and you have room for a chandelier.  But don't forget the value of good sconces, either!  A great sconce or vanity light set into the mirror can really transform the look of a bathroom!

Mirrors.  Speaking of mirrors, remember--not every mirror has to be a builder-basic, frameless mirror tacked to the wall.  Give your bathroom some character by hanging a mirror (or set of mirrors) with an interesting frame.  Don't be afraid to go big an chunky or high with your mirror.  One of our favorite vanity looks is a mirror that goes all the way from the vanity to the ceiling and fills the entire wall.  Stick your sconces in that!

Tile.  Of course floor tile can make a huge impact. And if you're ok with getting into the demolition and construction of replacing your floor tile, we guarantee it'll make a big difference, but it doesn't always have to be such an undertaking.  A bold backsplash tile behind the vanity or a great mosaic in the shower can add some punch to a bathroom as well.  So when you're weighing the costs, consider too, the fact that less tile properly placed in the right space can be well worth the money! 

Accents. Even in if you can't replace something in your bathroom, another way to freshen it up is by incorporating some interesting accent.  Again, we always say, use one big key accent rather than a bunch of little items.  One big orchid on the counter or one great piece of art.  Both of these things can bring in color without costing a lot of money or taking up a lot of space!

Fixtures.  Finally, if you're up for it, new fixtures can absolutely freshen up your bathroom.  This can be anything from a great pedestal sink instead of your standard vanity to a architectural standalone tub to a fully glassed in shower.  These fixtures are key elements in your bathroom so updating even one can make a huge impact and give your bathroom space an update that will last for years to come!