Small Spaces | The Bathroom

We've discussed before that the bathroom can easily get neglected.  It's often low on the design priority list.  The thing many people don't understand is that, just like bathrooms & kitchens sell homes, they often make homes special.  And the nice thing about a bathroom is that, it's a fairly small space so it doesn't always have to require a lot of money to be special.

Bathroom design can include anything from accessories and lighting to the tile work and shower surround or bath tub fixture.  These are all small but intentional opportunities to make your bathroom spectacular.  So today we're talking about ways to make an impact in your bathroom and make the most out of these design decisions.

For starters---like we always say, lighting matters!  Even if your bathroom is the builder-basic vanity and frameless mirror, tub/shower combo bathroom, you can still make an impact with your lighting.  Don't leave that silver plated exposed bulb vanity fixture up!  Swap it out for something more decorative and interesting!  You'd be surprised how big of a difference that one small change can make.

If you have a larger shower with a little more architectural detail like a standalone tub or a walk-in shower, start examining the parts and pieces that make up these aspects of the bathroom.  The tile is a huge deal in the bathroom so creating some sort of decorative element in your shower is an easy way to liven up the space.  If you have glass wall on your shower door, take them almost all the way to the ceiling!  Or, better yet, try using a smoked or grey glass shower wall instead of just the regular clear glass.

Create a feature wall in your bathroom.  This doesn't have to be out of tile either.  The vanity wall is a great place to add a little extra detail--wood planking, wallpaper, even a mural.  This creates an element of pop in the space and take the regular old bathroom up to the next level!

Don't forget about accessories!  Art and greenery can work in bathrooms too!  A well placed plant or some interesting art make a bathroom feel less like a functional space and more like a comfortable space.  When trying to find a space to hang art in your bathroom, think outside the box--a small clock over the door, a couple of stacked pieces over the toilet, even something fun (and water resistant) in the shower!  Don't overlook a place to include some beauty and creativity!

If you're up for a big change that require a little more work, go a little crazy with your tile design! Not only on the floor but on the shower wall and even the backsplash & tub surround.  Tile can pretty much work anywhere in a bathroom without looking overdone.  If you have clear glass walls on your shower, create a fun pattern on the shower walls that can be seen even when you're not standing inside the shower.  Play with lines and angles and make your shower an art piece!  Don't be scared of pattern or going bold.  Patterned tile can make a huge statement and really make your bathroom shine!

Finally, don't forget about the ceiling!  The ceiling space can absolutely be a canvas for design details.  Bring the tile all the way on to the ceiling or add a pattern with paint or wallpaper.  Even just a trimmed out ceiling with molding can add a nice finishing touch in a bathroom!