The Kitchen | Where Function Meets Style

Just like we discussed last week, bathrooms and kitchens sell homes.  So just like it's important and often times not too expensive to have a high-functioning AND stylish loo, it's also important to have a fresh kitchen!  Kitchens are often called the heart of the home.  There's a ton of activity that goes on there--people cook, eat, talk, entertain, take pictures--a whole lot of traffic.  And for a space that gets used so frequently and seen by so many, it's kindof important for it to be functional and stylish!  So today we're going to discuss how you can make it stylish.  What little things might help dress the space up a little or finish it!

I think the key element when designing a stylish kitchen is to almost forget that it's a kitchen.  Look at it as another room in the house that needs love.  Don't be afraid to bring in things like art and furniture that may not necessarily be meant for the kitchen.  Unexpected things make something playful and interesting.  One very easy and inexpensive thing that can really update a kitchen is a backsplash.  This can be decorative mosaics or a solid slab of granite.  Whatever it is, make sure you take it up the wall behind the range.  If you have a tall hood, this effect can be even more dramatic because it give the space some height.

Just like you might not think about placing art in the bathroom, you might not think about placing art in a kitchen either. Don't get stuck in this mindset--art is important and can absolutely work in a kitchen.  If you have tall ceilings or large walls, go big on your art to make an impact!

Consider your cabinet color too.  The kitchen doesn't have to be set-up to where every cabinet matches.  Different color upper and lower cabinets can make a fun statement as can a different island.  Mixing a little vintage in with your kitchen can also be a cool way to make your kitchen unique--if you have an old piece of furniture that can function as an island or storage piece you can easily add a little space to the standard upper and lower cabinets.

Look for cool areas to create a display.  Exposed shelving can fill tall walls or little niches and can be a fun way to display cookware or bakeware.  Of course, you can also fill those shelves with greenery--one of the easiest ways to warm up a space.

Overall, don't be afraid to think outside of the box.  The kitchen is a highly-used space and should fit your personality and cooking style.  It's just like your desk at work---it should be inspiring and fun.  If you have to spend a lot of time there, you want it to be enjoyable to be in!

We hope we've helped you come up with some ways to spice up your kitchen!  Trust us, if you take the leap, it'll be worth it!