Missing Something? | Finding the one thing your room needs.

Design isn't just about putting pretty things together.  It starts with a space and a need and it takes skill to utilize that space as much as possible while also meeting the clients needs AND making it look pretty!  So some of you may be able to find pretty thing and put them together but are you really utilizing the entire space that you have to work with?!

May people, when designing or decorating a space will end the decor at eye level.  The reason for this is they're thinking about what people will look at or see when they walk into the room rather than how a room can evoke emotion and make someone feel something just by entering it.  If you're trying to accomplish the latter, then it's important move the design above eye level.  Consider the ceiling space.  Are the ceilings tall?  Do you want to accentuate height and make that aspect of the room a feature?  Or maybe it's too tall and you need to find a way bring the ceiling back into the space so it feels connected?  Does the room feel cramped?  Are the ceilings too low?  Again, do you want to create the illusion of height?  All of these things need to be considered.  Lighting can help you accomplish many of these things--accentuating height or creating it.  Lighting, of course, is on the top of our list of design aspects in a room and we're always a fan of interesting lighting, but make sure the lighting is working for you the way you need it to and the room needs it to.  Want to draw attention to high ceilings, hang a fixture that will draw the eye upwards.  Want to make a room with low ceilings feel like the ceilings are higher?  Select a decorative semi-flush mount fixture that gives off lots of natural light but doesn't hang too far into the space to overwhelm it.

Does your room feel "finished" but still have something missing that you can't put your finger on. It's greenery.  A room without greenery can look finished but feel cold.  Greenery (along with other items from nature), do a significant job to warm up a space.  They take a beautiful space from intimidating to inviting.  So don't overlook this little detail.  The plant doesn't even have to be real!  A nice looking silk plant can work wonders too!  So don't stress about not having a green thumb, fake greenery can work for you as well!

Hang stuff from the ceiling!  Again, those little un-used corners of rooms where you don't want to stick a piece of furniture but you feel that it needs something are the best places to hang something decorative.  This could be a little pendant light or it could be a plant.  Or even just some sort of piece of hanging art---whatever you find that works in your space.  Objects hanging from the ceiling create depth and are sortof unconventional so they create a new layer that you might not of thought of but that can make a big impact.

If you have a giant wall and art sure how to utilize the high parts of it, consider a shelf.  You'll, very quickly, add extra storage and function while also adding to your design.  Go a little larger on your art so it goes higher on the wall or incorporate a built-in for visual weight and height.  The key to going higher is to keep the relevance.  Does the piece on the wall still feel connected to the room or does it appear to be floating away?  "Eye level" is important but there's definitely something to be said for taking a step up!