Think Outside of the Box | Colored Floors

We've talked about a lot of different tips and tricks on here but the discussion today might take you a little outside of your comfort zone.  That's what design is about--something innovative and unexpected that sort of scares you but then you love it.  So, we're doing that to you today--bringing you a design tip that might sort of scare you but you'll love it if you actually see it done.

Ever thought about having a colored floor?  We've discussed painting walls, of course!  And painting ceilings.  We've brought up painting cabinets and doors and trim, but floors?  No, I don't think we've ever talked about this before.  But today, we are.

A great floor can add a lot of design interest to a space.  Of course, there's the herringbone pattern that's so well-loved, or classic wood, even stamped concrete or something green like cork.  But you can actually take your design to another level by painting your floor.  Yes, if you do it right.

Just like painting a ceiling can either accentuate the height of the room or detract from the tunnel feel, painting a floor can bring everything into perspective.  A dark floor can accentuate the architecture and make the room feel grounded--just like a rug.  It also bring more height to a room when coupled with light walls.

Or maybe your issue is just the opposite.  You need everything toned-down.  Maybe you've got bright color on your walls or lots of busy patterns and prints and you just need something to balance it out--a painted white or light colored floor can really add some calm to the space so the rest of the busyness isn't overwhelming.

If you're not as concerned about accentuating anything and you're just considering ways to incorporate color, the floor is an awesome way.  We're not going to lie, it's a commitment, but it can be the one big design statement in your home saving you money that you might've put into other big items.

Instead of a rug, try creating a pattern with carpet squares.  Bring in some color and art that way!  Or, if carpet isn't your thing and you prefer pattern on a hard surface, try stencil on the floor--even a decal thats sealed properly could add a fun pop of pattern!

Play with hues and tones.  Even if you're bringing in color in your flooring, it can be muted so as not to overpower yet still give the feel of something warm in the space.  And if you can't commit to a large expanse of floor painted a bright color, find a small area and make that into the spicy section of the house--even just the stair treads could be fun, or maybe an outdoor deck space.

Color can really work anywhere, it's just a matter of how it's applied and what it's coupled with!