Consider The Source | Important Elements In Your Home's Design

When building or remodeling, there are a lot of details that can get overlooked that make a big difference in the overall end result.  It can get overwhelming to worry about the details getting figured out AND installed correctly (which is why we say, hire us!), so today we're going to give you a list of things that are important to bring up with your builder or contractor or whoever is helping you plan out your home.  These things are all items that, if done incorrectly, will be very noticeable!  So plan carefully!

Tile application.  Not all tile is created equally.  Some can be very easy to install and really leaves little room for error. Other tile, on the other hand, can be difficult to install and requires very detailed instructions for installation.  For most tile applications, especially if there's any detailing, we recommend requesting a drawing 

Consider your doors and door hardware.  This may seem like a no-brainer...I mean, they're just doors, right?  But if you put a little extra attention to detail into your doors, they could become a very cool aspect of the home.  Taller doors make a statement, using different materials adds an interesting twist, adding a fun color or some paneling can make them stand out, so don't forget about them!

Evaluate your integration of woodwork.  In your mind, don't pigeon hole wood cabinets in a kitchen setting only.  Cabinets or built-ins can work throughout the home and will not only incorporate storage but add warmth and a custom look.  If you can have this built while they're building the house, they will look so much more finished and custom rather than retro-fitting them in and having them look like an afterthought.

Closets matter!  Even though these parts of the house are rarely seen by guests, they are frequently seen and used by you, the homeowner, so they absolutely matter.  We admit, it can be hard to make the decision on how to format your closet before you get in the space and see how your clothes work in it, but it will be so worth the work if you handle it on the front end.  Closets make a world of difference when it comes to storage in the home and nobody wants to waste storage.  Get your closest right!  They matter!

Of course, we can't stress it enough--lighting, lighting, lighting!  If you're getting tight on your budget before you get to lighting, you'll be sunk, because lighting can be expensive.  But we can't stress enough how important it is!  After you've done the floors and walls and roof, move on to lighting.  Keep it on the top of the list so the budget isn't blown by the time you get there because you will be disappointed.  Builder basic lights looks like just that--basic.  Beautiful walls and floors are great, but bad lighting can leave you feeling just so-so about the space.  Consider functionality, of course, but evaluate size and style as well.  You'll be happy you put a little extra money into in the end!

Finally, flooring.  While this isn't the least important factor, you can have a beautiful home with some well-planned but simple flooring selections.  Remember, you'll be adding rugs and furniture, so unless you're just a flooring junkie, there will be other factors that will go into what you're walking on.  If you'd like to incorporate a cool pattern, go simpler with the materials or maybe just add details in small areas.  Again, just like with the wall tile, have it drawn out so everything is very clear.  

In everything, the act of assumption still has the same end result, so you'll want to make sure there's no questions.