The Bedroom | If These Walls Could Talk

That title is a little more dramatic than this post will be, but i thought it was fun. Haha!  Contrary to what you might be led to believe this post is about, it's not about the dirty little secrets of the bedroom.  It's about bedroom walls and how to make them speak volumes in the design of the space.

Bedrooms are personal.  You have a lot of liberty and leeway with these spaces because they are really meant for your eyes only.  Because of this, you don't have to hold to the typical form and function of common areas.  Of course, you want it to flow and be easy to manuver in, but you can think a little more outside the box when it comes to the style of the space.

Depending on the size of the bedroom, you may not have a lot of room for furniture--aside from the necessary items--bed, dresser, nightstand, so styling it with accessories or other items that would sit on top of furniture could be difficult.  In cases like these, we recommend using your wall space.  For many, the first thought that comes to your head is, oh!  paint it a color!  And, yes, that is one option, but there are other things you can do with wall space as well.

One great way to use wall space is to add some sort of applied molding or paneling.  Applied molding can be used to accentuate a piece of furniture--like a bed.  Build up the shape of the headboard on the wall with applied molding so the bed really becomes a feature.  Or, you can frame out certain items.  Frame out your windows and doors, or even just add square paneling for architectural detail.  Applied molding is classic and versatile, so even if you change the color or look of the space, the molding can transition with it.

Of course, we always recommend wallpaper.  Wallpaper can really add a punch of style, color, texture, and/or pattern.  It can be applied inside of the moldings, to a single wall, above or below a chair rail or even just in a closet or niche.  Again, it's temporary and fairly inexpensive and can really transform your bedroom.  You can also pick a really interesting pattern if it's going in your bedroom--as long as it's something you like, it can work!

Similar to wallpaper but a little easier to apply is wall decals.  Wall decals have become increasingly popular recently, especially in kids rooms or nurseries.  They come in all sorts of shapes and can be used anywhere--ceiling, furniture, walls.  They're easy to applied and easy to remove but quickly add pattern to a dull space.

Many of you have seen these in the kitchen as a backsplash option or even on a ceiling, but 3-dimensional tiles can also be applied to a wall.  Again, like wallpaper or decals, they can be used to create a focal point or accent wall in the space or even in a smaller application to accentuate a piece of furniture or highlight an architectural detail.  There are many different ways to apply them, and all are pretty simple.

Murals have been long known as the giant pictures on walls, but you can also use your own photography as a sort of mural.  Large (actually, giant) black and white photography can be a really cool artistic feature to add to a room.  Maybe it's a photograph of a place you've visited or maybe it's just somewhere you'd like to go.  Either way, it's significant.  So blow it up and use it as art on your wall and you've instantly made your room into something uniquely different and specially for you!

Like we said at the start, bedrooms can be very creative spaces.  They don't have to hold to norms of the common areas of the home so you can let your unique self show through a little more.  We hope this post gives you a few ideas for how to make that happen!