Pop! | Color in the Kitchen

We'll be the first to admit that we love a neutral kitchen.  Light marble, clean backsplash, white cabinets...it's a beautiful thing.  The clean classic look will go far--it'll withstand the test of time, you can be sure.  But there's something fun and playful about a kitchen with some color.  It adds interest and whimsy and can really liven up a space.  If you like that playful look and want some color in your kitchen but can't figure out how to make it work, we've got some tips to help!

Since many kitchens have a backsplash, this area is good place to add color if you're wanting to start somewhere.  This area is versatile because you can very easily keep the rest of the kitchen neutral--white cabinets & clean countertops, but then do a really fun pop-of-color backsplash with some cool lights and have a really great kitchen!

If tile in one, concentrated area is too much for you and you'd prefer your color to be spread out throughout the kitchen more, consider colored appliances.  These are definitely an investment, but if you like a certain color and are willing to make the commitment in your kitchen, these can be a really fun addition!

Of course, art is always an easy to way to add color too.  Some people think that a kitchen needs to be stark and functional but we say that you can put art anywhere!  A big abstract or even a collection of colorful plates would make for a fun pop in any kitchen and will definitely warm up the space.

If you have an eat-in kitchen/ nook area, consider colorful furniture.  A painted table or chairs can bring some life to an area that might normally be a boring brown.  If an entire painted set is too much, consider just painting the chairs or maybe even just the table.  Be sure to bring that color in other places so it flows with the rest of the space, but make it a fun focal point.

We always, ALWAYS stress how important good lighting is in a space...ESPECIALLY a kitchen.  In a kitchen, lighting is not only fun but functional...but it's also another medium for color.  Maybe you don't want your main dining chandelier to be something bright but you're ok with some pendants adding a pop of color.  That's great!  A little unexpected pop is fun and makes for a unique look.

We are definitely proponents of neutral walls but a little eat-in area of a kitchen could be a fun place to add some color with wallpaper.  And, if you're not afraid of different color cabinets, consider a painted island with neutral uppers and lowers.

Bottom line is that color can be brought in without being overwhelming--little bits and hints can make your kitchen unique from any other kitchen and special for you.  And a little bit goes a long way!  It may be a big commitment if you're a little scared of color so you have to make that decision, but it can definitely be worth it!

If you've incorporated color into your kitchens recently, show us in the comments below!  We love good design and would enjoy seeing your style!