Trends on Trends | Kitchen Edition

There's always something changing in design.  It's such a fluid art form that you never know what you're going to start seeing on the trends list next.  Since kitchens are a huge place for design being that they're one of the high-traffic spaces in a home on top of being functional and important for resale,  the trends seem to be constantly evolving here.  Design used to be limited in kitchens because it was always the basics--cabinets, appliances, a countertop and backsplash...but it's not like that anymore.  So many new products and applications have been developed for kitchens.  So many exceptions and allowances have been made for what is "acceptable" in a kitchen and rules have ultimately been broken.  The decorative part of a kitchen has become huge and homeowners value a beautiful kitchen that flows with the rest of their home.  So today we're going to talk about those trends and what they currently look like.  You  will probably notice a lot more of these things once you read this article too!

It used to be that wood in a kitchen was only for the cabinets.  Now wood is all over the kitchen!  Wood look tile is being used as a backsplash application and raw wood is being used in bar kick-plates and exposed shelving!  We feel like wood is so versatile that, even though it was very connected to the rustic style, it can be used in so many other applications to just add some warmth.

Modern is great, but there's still a love for the original style---traditional.  That clean, classic style that has transcended time is just a comfort for people in kitchens.  Even if they appreciate modern, a little bit of traditional is good too.  It's sort of like wood--it can mix well with most things!  The way this style manifests itself in kitchens varies but look for it and we're pretty sure you'll find it!

One of the best ways to modernize a traditional item is by using a version of it in a larger scale.  This impact is huge in kitchens.  Larger scale lighting, hardware, and even hoods is key right now.  These items are sort of the jewelry of kitchens so people like the idea of showing them off.  Large lighting and an amazing hood also make great focal points in a kitchen!

Since we've moved away from a lot of the beiges and browns, greys, blacks, and whites have become much more popular in kitchens.  We love an all white kitchen but understand that some homeowners are scared of it.  For that reason, we're also cool with mixing.  Currently, contrast is big!  Dark counters and light cabinets or vice versa is another way to put a modern twist on the traditional style.  If this feels too cold for you, warm it up with interesting lighting and texture in your barstools or backsplash.

So what do you think?  Are you into this kitchen trends?  We think they're so fun and love how the kitchen design world is evolving!