Good to Know | Quartz

It used to be that granite was the big deal countertop.  If  a home had granite, buyers wanted it, builders charged upgrade fees for it, and everyone oohed and ahhed.  While granite is still a great material to use for countertops, it's proven to require more up-keep than some homeowners want.  Nothing against granite!  I mean, it's a natural stone, so what do you expect?  It's porous....without sealing and proper care, it's going to start to fade.  The only thing is, it usually doesn't provide the impact of marble which also requires up-keep....  So you have a little less beauty with a little less up-keep.  Eh....doesn't seem worth it...espeically for what builders charge you!  It IS better than laminate or formica, but as far as we can tell...granite has sort of dropped low on the countertop material totem pole.  The new number one is quartz.  It's got all the benefit for all of the look.  So today we're going to give you the run down of why quartz is worth it!

For starters, quartz is man-made, and while many people used to turn their noses up at this factor, it comes with a lot of benefits.  And even though it's man-made, it does contain natural stone so there is some natural beauty in it to appreciate.  The natural material itself is quartzite and is actually mixed with other resins to create different quartz materials.  Adding the resin itself makes the material extremely durable to heat, stains, scratches...pretty much anything a kitchen counter will come in contact with.  I've had client rub soot on it, use brillo pads to try to scuff it up, and place hot pans directly on it but nothing affected it.  Because of the man-made fillers, quartz isn't porous and won't absorb liquid like red sauce or oil.  It doesn't get water spots and it doesn't need to be sealed every few years.

Because it's man-made, the pattern in it is pretty consistent and while we are big fans of the great movement of natural stone, a consistent pattern countertop can also be a great thing especially in the more minimal designs we are seeing so much of now or in a kitchen with a big, patterned backsplash.  Maybe you're just the type of person who likes the clean-look for their counters...then quartz is a great option for you!

But it doesn't stop there.  Because quartz has had increased popularity on the durability side, manufacturers are putting more money into developing different patterns and movement in quartz products.  So now, you not only have the option of going completely solid but you can also get a quartz with all it's durability that actually looks like marble.

The final benefit which may be the most important to you is that quartz has a pretty low carbon footprint.  Even though it contains polymers and resins, it has low carbon emissions, and quartzite, the main product in quartz is available in abundance. Beyond that, you won't have to replace it or spend money maintaining it because it's so durable so you're investing in something that won't add to the landfills either.

If it's not clear yet, we'll spell it out for you--we love quartz!  It's a product we've been using for years that always leaves a satisfied customer.  It may be a little more expensive than granite but it's worth every penny!