White | Why it Works in a Bathroom

Last week on our Facebook page, we featured a variety of all-white bathrooms.  White is the new neutral...or the old neutral, however you want to look at it, and we're all about that bandwagon.  Grey and Beige are still good neutrals but all-white spaces have a number of advantages.  Today we're going to discuss a few of those as they relate to bathrooms.  

When picking white, be sure to look at it under all different lights.  Most people don't select a pure bight white.  That color often looks too sterile.  Most whites that are painted for interior walls have a color mixed in--grey or yellow or even brown.  These color mixtures soften the white and keep it from feeling so harsh on the wall.

When using white in a bathroom, consider these benefits as well. For starters, white creates a nice clean slate and neutral backdrop for interesting fixtures and or faucets that you have in your bathroom.  Cool copper tub?  White makes it stand out.  Awesome gold sink faucet?  White is the perfect way to highlight it.  In the same way, white is a great backdrop for interesting architectural details that you may have in your bathroom.  If you live in an old house and have a cool window in your bathroom or maybe some arches or beams that you'd like to highlight, go with a white wall.  It keeps the look of the bathroom clean but brings in a big focal point just by highlighting the existing structure.

If you have a large bathroom with a view, you'll definitely want to paint the wall white.  White is the perfect color to highlight an amazing view! It draws your eyes toward the architectural detail of the window and then you're immediately looking at the view.  However, if you have a small window, you'll want to paint the walls white as well.  White reflects light, so if you don't have a bunch of natural light in your bathroom, white walls will lighten and brighten!  When a space feels brighter, it immediately feels larger too.  So small bathrooms are the perfect candidates for white walls.

If you're dying for some variation but like the practicality of white walls in bathrooms, the best thing to do is mix your textures.  Since you don't want to mix whites too much, you bring in your visual interest with texture.  Do white tiles with a white pattern and layer!

We love white on white--it's clean, it's classic, and it really has a lot of practical functions!  For some, white is scary because it shows everything, but don't worry, there's always bleach!