Too Much Stuff | I Spy Storage

Even with the recession and the move towards a more minimalist lifestyle we, as Americans, always have too much stuff and not enough places to keep it.  It's just the way America is.  Organization is part of it but space is definitely important.  The trick is, seeing the space you have and using it the best way possible.  Space is great but when it's poorly used, it becomes wasted.  So today we're going to go over some ways that you can add storage to the existing space you own.

The number one, overall way to add space is to go up.  Storage doesn't have to be in a closet or hidden, it can just be a well organized shelf too.  So the first thing to do is look for wall space.  If you can carve out an area of un-used wall space, you're already on the right track to adding storage.  

Once you find the wall space, determine what you need storage for.  If it's smaller items like books, pictures, or even plants or dishes, try adding some floating shelves right up near the ceiling.  A long floating shelf adds lots of storage and offers a place where things can be stacked neatly or even display all while being out-of-the-way.

If clothing or bags is your problem, use that wall space for a series of hooks that you can hang coats, hats, or bags on.  You might have to plan it out so that the spacing works for the item sizes you're hanging but a little planning is nothing compared to all the extra space you'll have in your closet!  If you're going to have this kindof display in your home, consider the location too.  A mudroom or entryway might be the best place for a wall like this so that the hanging items are accessible upon entering and exiting the house.

Adding exposed bars in the kitchen or bathroom is also a great way to add storage. A few hooks and you've got the pots & pans cabinet free for more un-sightly items.  Have a growing coffee mug collection and need some place to keep it?  An exposed bar with hooks offers lots of hanging space for those fun pieces.  Don't be scared to put items on display.  These little additions to your home make it unique and cozy.

There are a lot of places that people forget can be used for storage.  The area over a door frame is good for adding shelving and the back of a door is a great place for hooks to hide.  Additionally, there are all sorts of hanging storage pieces that will fit perfectly on the back of a door and create lots of more customized storage space for very little money.

Get creative and think outside of the box!  Make storage pull double-duty and be decorative as well!