Wallpaper | Let Me Count The Ways

Wallpaper is still here!  Yep!  Surprise, Surprise!  It hasn't faded away from the trending pool.  It's still holding it's own on the design spectrum.  So today we're going to talk about all of the ways you can use wallpaper in and around your kitchen.  We understand that tile can get expensive and there are lots and lots of options for color, style, and pattern when it comes to wallpaper so why not put it to work?!  The other nice thing about wallpaper is that it's a much easier change then tile is.  It's more work than paint but there's a lot more visual interest with wallpaper so the price is worth it.

Although we don't recommend paint accent walls anymore, we do recommend wallpaper accent walls.  The reason for this is that wallpaper and paint can still coordinate with overlapping colors whereas a paint accent wall is going to be a completely different color and can easily look like color-blocking.  The kitchen is no exception when it comes to accent walls and wallpaper is an easy option.  Go clean on your cabinets and countertops and throw a little pop in there with a funky wallpaper and you've got a fun kitchen.

A lot of people want to put their wallpaper in a focal area but there's something to be said for a little unexpected punch of pattern in your kitchen.  Areas like the kick-plate of an island or peninsula, or the back of open shelves.  These little spaces are perfect areas to add charm and visual interest without a ton of pattern becoming overwhelming.  Since wallpaper also comes in textures, a little texture could be exactly what your kitchen needs to warm it up a bit.  Grasscloth is so fun and adds a ton of depth!

One of our favorite places to add wallpaper is on the ceiling.  If you have an eat-in kitchen and want a fun way to segregate the dining area, try wallpapering the ceiling area over the table.  This could work for the area over the island too.  Any little focal space can have a little trim added to the ceiling to frame out some wallpaper and without the hassle of a  rug, you've automatically defined the space.

Remember.  There are a variety of types of wallpaper that can work well in kitchens.  Obviously patterns do hide dirt and grease, but vinyl wallpapers are great for wet areas.  They are wipeable and durable!  We just love wallpaper so much that we want to see it everywhere!