The Forgotten Room | The Office

The home office is so often the catch-all.  It's the last room to get completely set-up and the last room to get updated, however, it's one of the most important spaces for design and order.  Any work space needs to be put together and at least a little stylish.  A clean, well-organized, pretty work area breeds productivity and creativity where as a little desk with a bunch of clutter around it just adds to the stress of the work day.  So today we're here to tell you, don't forget the office!  It's a room that gets the least love but needs it the most!  Here are a few tips to help you spruce up that space and make it workable!

We like to go by the rule that an office should be as comfortable as a family room but as functional as a kitchen.  This isn't always easy, though.  But just keep this idea in mind when you're setting up (or sprucing up) the office.  Think comfort and function and you've got a winning combination!

A rug is key in an office, especially if you have hard floors.  We know it can be hard to roll the wheels of a chair on it but it adds an element of relaxedness AND style so put it towards the top of your list!  Try getting a flat weave or something with a really low pile so keep function.

Use your walls!  Use your walls for everything--storage AND decoration.  Instead of piling everything on top of your desk, incorporate some floating shelving near the desk to help keep clutter in its place.  Once you have this function set-up, you can style the shelves to be attractive and functional (just like any other built-in).  And don't forget about art!  The appropriate height for art is usually eye level but remember that "eye level" is a little lower when you're seated.  So hang your art where you can see it and appreciate it rather than hanging it over your head!

Jazz up your desk!  Keep the rest of the items on your desk clean so you have space for something decorative and some good lighting!  A good desk lamp is key!  It needs to be functional and give off the best light, however, it also needs to be pretty because it will most likely be the first thing people see when they look at your desk.  We know that this might not be easy for everyone but, minimize the cords!  A lot of desk cords are from the computer so if you can consolidate these but either using a laptop or something like a MAC that has minimal cords then it would definitely help the tidiness of your work space!

Don't be afraid to bring in a little color and pattern....not to mention greenery!  A well-placed office plant can really brighten up a work space.  We like the idea of it being real but we'd rather you have something instead of nothing.  So, if it's fake, we understand!  Plants (real or fake) bring life and something organic to a space so always fide a place for them in your homes!

We hope this helps you spruce up your office!  An office can be a fabulous place to spend your days if it's designed right!  And remember, if it's're the only one who suffers.