Best Use | Back Yard Space

Summer is in full-swing here in Florida which means it is HOT!  We've pretty much resigned ourselves to staying inside all. the. time.  There's no...when it's cooler in the morning or after the sun goes down...  Nope.  It's hot, no matter what time of day.  But!  There's hope!  Fall is coming and you (and we) will want to spend some time outdoors since we'll have been cooped up all summer.  So now is a good time to start looking at how your outdoor space is being used and start putting together a game plan for what changes you're going to make once it does cool down a little bit.  And if you're reading this from a state where it's not in the 90's and 100's everyday in the summer...well, we hate you.  But we also know that you may be able to use this info now!  So read on!

This first tip is such a big deal.  I am guilty of not doing this but have seen small back yards where they did incorporate this tip and it makes all the difference!  Use your side yard!  Some people think a side yard is meant for hiding all that stuff that won't fit in the garage and they're not worried about how it looks because noone ever sees it.... False!  The side yard matters too.  If you need a little extra outdoor storage, get a small shed that can contain things.  Otherwise, incorporate the landscaping into your overall design.  That might mean pavers or gravel or even a couple of chairs and a small table.  Whatever it is, figure out a way to use that space.

This second one may require a little more planning but it will definitely add interest and depth to your backyard.  Change the level of certain areas.  This could mean a small step-up or a full-on deck.  If you've got the space to have a raised deck, that's always a bonus because decks are just nice.  But even if you don't have a large yard, use a part of it as a sun spot where everything isn't sitting right in the dirt and people have an area to retreat.

Storage is obviously important in every part of the home, but getting a little of that junk out of the garage and closer to where it's used is just smart.  The convenience factor alone makes it all worth it.  So consider how you can incorporate storage in your outdoor space.  If it just means a small storage shed like we mentioned earlier, then that's great!  Or it could mean a wooden bench with a lid that lifts up...some outdoor ottomans that serve as storage or even shelving.  Use whatever works best in your space and flows with the look you've got going on!

Let's face it.  Greenery matters in a backyard.  Even if you don't have a ton of it, a little greenery can really make that space.  But maybe you don't have a lot of ground space or area for potted plants.  If that's the case, we're here to remind you about the walls!  Stone walls, fences, or even deck slats can be a perfect place for greenery to grow!  And usually the type of plants that will grow on those surfaces are easy maintenance.  Bonus!  Get some greenery in your backyard, will ya!

Finally, a clean back yard is an inviting back yard.  So many back yards are neglected because they become dumping grounds.  This is the worst use of back yard space!  Even if you rarely go outside, it's always nice to have something pretty to look at when the windows are open so don't let your back yard become trashy.