2016 | Year in Review

We're not going to lie, we're not super sad to see 2016 go.  It was a hard year full of lots of downs...  However, there were plenty of ups that we wouldn't want to forget about either.  So on this January 1st, we're waving good-bye to 2016 with a smile on our face as we remember the fun times, successes, and progress we made!  Here is our 2016 year in review!

We started off the year right!  Armed with moustaches and game-faces on, we were ready to tackle 2016!

We worked some major hours on some pretty amazing presentation boards!  The clients didn't even know what was coming, but once they saw the design, they loved it!  Some of the presentations were here, some were in Chicago!  #TMIDworldwide

Our hard work did not go unnoticed!  We were featured in some magazines as well as on Houzz.com!

But like all good designers, we work hard so we can play hard!  This was our TMID Spring Fling at Disney Springs!

We worked with some pretty amazing people this year too!  Q, our tile specialist showed off some of his handiwork in our office!

And we were fortunate enough to have Stephen Allen of Stephen Allen Photography shoot some of our work!

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo the ONLY way, with a fiesta!  Complete with MORE moustaches and a sombrero! #ole'

...but kept working our magic at install after install for our fabulous clients!  #designerlife

In the summer, we used our thinking skills to escape at America's Escape Game!

And in the fall, we put our costumes on for Halloween!

But, as always, the work kept going and we kept producing!

While 2016 turned some pretty amazing projects, we are more than pumped to see what 2017 has to offer!  Goodbye 2016!

2017, bring it on!