How To Spend| Not Every Big Item Has To Be Expensive

We love expensive things, that's for sure.  But we also understand that everyone has a budget.  And while it would be nice to have that client who says "spend whatever you want!", we're pretty sure it's never going to happen, so we're totally ok with getting the look without the price.  And today, that's what we're going to talk about.  There are big items in every home--key items that can make a very large impact on the overall look of the space.  And while it IS important that they look good, they don't all have to be super expensive. 

Here's the breakdown.

So many people want a real wood dining table.  Something ridiculously expensive that they can brag about to their friends (because, let's be honest, they're not passing it down to their kids)...but dining tables are not the place to blow your budget.  Size and scale is absolutely important, but if you can find a lovely piece that is the correct size, scale, and style, and it's affordable, go for it!  In fact, we'd say, make it a goal because it'll leave money to spent in other places where it matters more.

Like, say....the dining room light!  Lighting is HUGE!  And while it is absolutely possible to find inexpensive lighting that looks good, lighting is just kind of expensive and it's hard to be confined to a tight budget when you want (and need) a killer statement piece.  So don't be afraid to spend a little more money (than you'd planned) on your dining room light fixture.  It'll make a big impact and an expensive light fixture is usually pretty obvious.

In the family room, it can be really easy to get sucked into spending a lot of money on that really cool Eames chair or something else that will rarely get sat in.  But stop yourself!  While decorative pieces should look cool, they are NOT worth breaking the bank over.   Instead, put your money into a quality sofa or sectional.  In a family room where it will be used over and over, you're going to want something that's comfortable and durable!

When it comes to your kitchen, it can be really hard to decide where to spend the money because....everything seems expensive!  But after cabinets, the next most important thing in your kitchen is definitely countertops so spend there.  The countertops of a kitchen are like the sofa of the family room.  It'll be used and abused and needs to be able to withstand wear like a champ.  One place to save in a kitchen, where people often want to blow it, is the tile.  Kitchen floors and a kitchen backsplash can be understated, inexpensive, and beautiful.  

Finally, the bedroom.  It may sound crazy but drapery matters!  Well-made, expensive drapery can literally make or break a room.  We're not kidding.  Spend the money.  They'll last and they'll make the impact you want.  Instead, save a little money be skipping the expensive sheets.  There are some very soft, luxurious-feeling sheets out there that are completely affordable, so don't fool yourself into thinking you need to spend the money to get the look...because nobody will see them!

We believe that good design comes from being about to find beauty in everything--the expensive AND the inexpensive.  So mixing high and low is important and can make a home feel collected rather than like a model.  And these tips that we shared with you today can help you accomplish that!