Pro Tips | Closet Storage

Closets can be a pretty big conundrum for many people...which is why closet designers have a job!  Figuring out the best way to layout your hanging storage and then also adding in all the extra for shoes, hats, bags, belts, jewelry...and whatever else you plan to keep in there is not an easy task!  And whether or not you realize it, closets have accessories too.  How do you think storages like "The Container Store" have stayed in business?!  Obviously a closet system is not an inexpensive investment so you're probably not trying to spend a ton of money on the other accessories you'll need.  Which is why we're posting this today!  We're sharing with you some tips from the pros on what sort of closet storage items aren't worth the money!  So remember these items when you're navigating organization world.

First up, the hanger debate!  There are a variety of hangers out there with pros and cons for each.  Obviously, wire hangers are out!  Pointy shoulders and messy closets are not what we're looking for.  Plastic hangers are a step up and little more streamlined but can still be slippery and may not keep clothing in place like you would like.  They're not too thick, though, so you can still maximize hanging space in your closet.  Velvet hangers are nice to keep clothing in place but they have a very thin frame and can sometimes leave shoulder marks.  And then there's the most expensive, wood hangers.  Great for helping clothes keep shape and slippage but they use up a lot of space on the rail.  Based on that info, you decide what hangers are best for you!

Aside from wire hangers, there's only one hanger pros say not to buy and that's the tiered hanger!  For personal experience, we would agree.  In theory, it adds storage space but it makes it extremely difficult to see what's hanging up.  The skirt or pair of pants in the middle just gets left and forgotten because you can barely see it and forget about hanging it back up with everything else still on the hanger!

Pros also say, don't waste money on "convenient" stackable shoe storage.  While it looks great in the adds, it's unnecessary.  All you need is shelving.  If your closet has adjustable shelves, these are a great place for shoes!  Or if it doesn't, bring in a simple adjustable shelf so you can go up with your storage!

While boxes in closets seem nice and do add storage, they're not practical.  For starters, remembering what's inside the box is always a challenge and forget being able to access anything in it if the box is stacked.  If you must use boxes, buy something inexpensive (think IKEA not Container Store) and keep a single row low so it's easily accessible.

Finally, professionals say that cloth lined hampers are great IF the liner is removable and washable!  Any sort of damp towel or pair of clothing that sits in a fabric-lined hamper can grow mold or mildew so it's important to be able to wash the liner.  Breathable is better when it comes to damp, dirty clothes and towels.

We really love a well-organized closet so if you've got pics of yours, share them below!