Christmas Is Over | Where Do I Store All of This Stuff?!

If you're like me, the post-Christmas mess was slightly overwhelming.  Everything from the tree and all of the other Christmas decorations need to come down and be stored away...and then there was all of other new stuff.  Two days after Christmas I literally had to re-do my son's adding more storage!  I have a garage sale planned for later this month, needless to say and I'm about ready to sell my husband if he brings any other junk into our house!  Do you get it?  Are you there too?  I love a cozy house for the winter but post-Christmas, New Year cleaning also has me wanting everything to just go away.  So today we're talking storage.  Everyone could always use more storage.  Let's face it--we grow into our homes.  We use up every inch of space they give us and then need more.  So here's how you can add it!

Think of places were you already have a piece of furniture but maybe it's not a storage piece---areas like the foyer or hallway console where you might place something decorative.  These are the little corners of your house that can magically become secret storage without anyone realizing  it.  Add a piece of furniture with drawers and you've immediately expanded your storage options!

Make your furniture work for you!  If you have an ottoman but it's not a storage ottman, you're missing out.  Storage ottomans are the best place for those blankets and pillows we use infrequently but want to hold onto....and also work as a fabulous place for the kids' toys to be hidden but still accessible.

Don't forget about baskets either!  Baskets have become increasingly popular in design.  Many designs incorporate them for added texture and something a little earthy.  But don't forget that baskets HOLD STUFF!  These tiny storage miracles should be all over your house.  They're cute and decorative while also being functional.

Don't be afraid to bring furniture pieces into the kitchen.  A big armoire or free standing cabinet that may have previously been used in a family room, could be the perfect thing you need to add storage to your kitchen.  And don't forget about all of that space on top of it either!  Hello!   Can you say, basket storage?!

This isn't our favorite option because it's not as containing, but if you trust yourself to be strict about not letting this area overflow, then you're good.  Screens.  If you've just got that one corner that you can't seem to get under control, a screen may be the piece you need.  If anything, it'll hide the clutter and stop driving you crazy!

What are your storage dilemmas?  And solutions?  We'd love to hear from you!  Comment below!