Passing It On | Great Design Tips from Other Experts

We recently found an article listing some timeless design advice that anybody can use or share.  It's great because it really simplifies certain aspects of what makes good design which can be super helpful for the regular homeowner.  There are definitely things about design that are complicated but not all of it has to be, so here are some very basic rules to follow that will keep your design inline.

Here's our summary and paraphrase of what the writer had to say!

Don't be afraid to express yourself in your design.  This is not supposed to be cheesy even though it's coming off like that.  It really means that you need to show your personality in your decor--that's what makes it unique and special rather than cookie-cutter.  It's your home, afterall, so it should look like you!  Part of expressing yourself is knowing your design style so that you CAN express it.  So be sure to pick a direction.  Even if you like a lot of different things, it's best to stay with one style--it helps you eliminate uncertainty in selections and will make your space more cohesive!

The first point flows into our second point---pick art because you love it!  Art is ART--it's special, it's unique, it doesn't always have to match.  It's a conversation piece, a focal point and can stand alone.  Without being concerned about being super deep, consider how the art affects you.  You want to be excited about looking at something hanging on your walls, so don't put something up that just matches or else it will quickly be a disappointment.

Mix high and low.  As designers, we have to do this all. the. time.  There are certain pieces that are worth the money and there are certain pieces that aren't.  It's also ok for you to have pieces of different price points in the same room.  Don't feel like one expensive piece will dictate the entire direction of the room.   When in doubt, too, revert to our rule on art--don't buy it if you don't like it.  Make sure you're picking pieces that you want to use and look at!

Measure.  Double measure.  And then check again.  Size and scale are super important for the flow of a if you're ordering an item online and haven't actually seen it in person, get a visual on the measurements in the space.  Use a tape measure or painters tape or something!  If you get an item that's off in scale for a great deal, you automatically lost avoid that with this simple solution.

Don't jump into a paint color.  Paint on a little swatch is MUCH different than paint on an entire wall.  For designers, we can visualize so it's not as hard for us to pick a color quickly, but if you struggle with color, don't hesitate to hesitate!  Paint a little area on the wall, look at it at different times of day and in different lights, see if it catches your eye or ends up being a color you hate.  Once you're sure you love it, then go with it.  You'll be happy with your decision.

In the end, if you're still struggling with how to make a room come together, just call us!  We can always help. :)