White | How to make it work.

While white has become a very popular color on pinterest and in magazines, many homeowners struggle with white and how to make it work.  Before the minimalist movement, white was stark feeling and cold.  People associated white walls with governmental buildings and hospital, but white has come a long way.  However, there is a trick to making white look right in a home.  There's a way to bring the warmth out of it so that it doesn't feel cold but rather clean and bright.

To begin with, there isn't just one shade of white.  There are tons of different shades with a little more grey or a little more beige....some with blue undertones, some have a hint of pink.  This may seem overwhelming, but is actually a good thing.  You definitely want to capitalize on this when bringing white into a room and use different shades.  This will give white it's own depth.

Another way to help make white work is by bringing in texture.  Texture is a our number one go-to when adding the layers.  Honestly, texture can make almost any space work but it's a must in mostly white rooms.  Texture can come in the form of other white things but it can also be created by bringing in organic pieces in earth tones.  These types of accessories and lighting additions are what elevates a room too.

Don't be afraid to add a pop of a different color in a white room either.  Some people worry that adding a new color will ruin the look and the room won't feel like a white space, but that's not the case at all.  When a space has white walls and mostly white larger pieces of furniture, you can easily add some color in a rug, pillows, art, or even an accent chair without taking the look of the room off track.  In fact, sometimes, depending on the space, it's exactly what the room needs to pull it together!

The stark and sterile feeling that people associate with white comes from cold governmental buildings that (used to...because it's not really that way anymore) kept things clean and simple.  However, what they're not realizing is that, in most of these places, it isn't appropriate to add soft layers like rugs and window treatments so there isn't any softness.  Yet they're still associating the cold with white because that's where they've seen it applied.  If you can add some softness to a white space, you've accomplished a lot in making white feel warm so don't forget the fabric!

It's no secret that we love white but we understand that it can be a hard color to make work.  And honestly, that's why we have jobs!  However, if you're trying to do this on your own, we want to help!  So hopefully these tips will take you a long way!