Elevate | Design Tips to Make Rooms Look More Expensive

While we appreciate quality, we also understand that buying the most expensive whatever doesn't mean it's the best quality or that's it's worth the money, for that matter.  Regardless of the price, items have value based on how the owner feels about them.  If you LOVE something, it's valuable, even if it's not that expensive.  All that to say, when you understand where and what to place value on, it helps you know how to spend your money.  It also helps you realize that there are other ways to make spaces look expensive instead of a lot of money.

Rooms needs to be grounded.  They need a focal point, balance, and all the layers.  One easy way to add some balance is through pairing.  There's something grounding about a set.  This could be a set of chairs, two pieces of art that coordinate and are hung together, or even two identical light fixtures.  This doesn't mean that everything has to have a partner but having some symmetry creates balance which every room needs.

Depth makes spaces feel expensive.  This is why designers are so anti matchy-matchy for soft goods.  When there's a mix of pattern and texture in a space, the space instantly feels more expensive.  Don't be afraid to bring in interesting fabrics, even if it's only in small amounts.  All those little bits add up and help the room.

Mirrors and shine add sparkle.  It's one thing to go over the top with mirror and metal but it's another thing to incorporate it in moderation.  Remember, every space needs some reflective quality for lighting.  But this addition also elevates a space because it just looks more expensive.  Shinny things just do.  So if you want to dress up a room, bring in a little gold, chrome, or glass.

Add oversized accessories.  Even if the items aren't expensive, if they're larger, they'll look like they are.  Be careful not to overwhelm a space by cramming something too big in it, but if you have the right display space, a big sculptural item can make a great focal point.

As always, don't forget the greenery.  There's an organic element that greenery adds that is key, especially if it's a live plant.  Live plants say, I care for my things.  It's shows that you pay attention and value your things.  Plus, it's not man-made.  It's straight out of nature so it's completely unique.

Finally, splurge on lighting.  Lighting is art.  It's sculptural.  It's a statement.  It's worth it.  You don't have to splurge on every light in your home, but consider the impact the light fixture has on the space.  If it's on a key wall or is the main source of light, it's probably worth the money!