Kitchen Secrets | Cool Solutions and Finds

Even if you don't cook a ton, if you use your kitchen a little bit, you understand the sheer joy that comes with a great storage solution or simplified way of completing a task.  We've seen a bunch of stuff out there about "cool kitchen gadgets" and "great storage solutions" and what not, but this list really seemed to have some interesting items...things that we actually hadn't seen before (what?!) we wanted to pass it along.  Some of them are decorative while others are pretty sweet storage solutions so just pick and choose what you can use!

For starters, this crumb catcher is pretty much the whole she-bang!  I don't know about you but i HATE crumbs!  It doesn't matter where they are in my kitchen, they drive me insane.  If you've got granite counters you have a catch 22 because the granite often hides the crumbs visibly but then you don't think to clean them up and, before you know it, you've got crumbs everywhere!  If you've got a more solid surface countertop like quartz or corian, you see every little crumb so you're in constant clean-up mode...but at least you know where to clean up and they can't sneak away from you.

Aside from that, you also have the option of customizing your recycling drawer.  This cool set-up allows you to determine what kind of storage works best for your recycling needs instead of just having two trash cans.

As far as some fun design ideas for kitchens, check out this copper backsplash!  We looooove copper and are excited about the impact it's making on design.  So to have this kind of option is pretty sweet! The nice thing about a copper backsplash is that if it gets wet or discolored, it's ok!  The natural petina copper achieves over time just adds to the visual interest it provides!

Other than that, we are loving the idea of adding additional legs to your kitchen island.  It's just a new approach to the kitchen that has been constantly evolving.  Kitchens are meeting places, they're communal areas for families and friends to gather over food and drink, so be sure it's a comfortable space.  This idea just gives that island another little nudge in the i'm-furniture-but-also-functional direction.

Finally, these hidden shelves pretty much make our life when it comes to kitchen design.  Not only do they add gobs of storage but they are sleek and hidden and don't take away from the overall look of the design.  They're like the perfect mix of function and style in a room like the kitchen!

Did we give you some ideas for your next kitchen remodel?  We hope so!  Kitchens are the rooms to spend money on!