Summer Time | Bedrooms

For some, summer is their favorite time of year.  The kids are out of school, BBQs and pool parties are always on the calendar, and the atmosphere is just overall more relaxed.  However, summer time is also the hot season.  Especially if you live in Florida.  Once July hits, you're basically living for the AC until about mid-September.  Rain is also a constant in the summer but it's ok because it cools things down a little bit. Sleeping when it's hot is the worst so today we're going to share some tips on how to cool down a bedroom with more than just the AC for summer time.

Light, airy fabrics are a must in the summer.  Anything dark and heavy is just going to make you feel warmer even if the temperature really isn't higher.  Go with something light in color and breathable.  Cotton is always a good go-to but linen is nice choice as well.  Because linen is a natural fiber,  it breathes and allows for you to cool off a little.

We don't always think about lightening up the thickness of the bedding but a thinner comforter or duvet will also make your nights a little more restful.  All duvet fillers come in different thicknesses specifically for the seasons, so take advantage of a thinner filler.

Consider the decor as well. Artwork and accessories that look a little more like summer (ie. warm weather wildlife, coastal pictures, bright florals, and greenery) will also make you think of summer.  So place these little reminders through your house during the summer months to bring the "outdoors to inside", organic feel around your house.

Finally, bring on the sunlight!  Open the windows and let some natural light come in.  Even though it's warm outside and the tendency may be to keep the sun (and heat) out, the truth is that natural light releases endorphins and will naturally lighten your mood.  So even if it's hot, you're happy! :) 

I'm going to be honest--by the end of the summer, I'm ready for it to be over because it's so hot. However, there are some good things about this season so we might as well learn to embrace it!