Kitchen Secrets II | Storage Opportunities for the End of the Island

We found this article on Houzz and wanted to share it.  Storage is just always a big deal and optimizing it is key for functionality and livability.  It's also nice to have different ways to display things in your kitchen. Changing it up between glass doors and solid doors or exposed shelves is kindof the extent of display in a kitchen because it is so functional.  However, these options in this article put a new little twist on kitchen display.

All of the storage ideas are for the end of the island which is usually just a flat end panel.  It's pretty and finished but not always decorative and oftentimes completely wasted space.  Instead of just letting that area go un-used, consider adding a mini under-the-counter fridge.  This is the perfect location for drinks and is a much more preferred location to get them during a party--it keeps guests out of the main fridge which is probably stuffed full of party food and platters.  One thing to consider, though, if you have a small child like I do, is locking it!  These little under-cabinet mini refrigerators are just their size and wouldn't they just love having access to all the drinks!


If you don't have a lot of extra depth on the end of your island, consider some shallow shelves that could be used for cook books (or any other kind of book!).  They may have to be leaning instead of stacked, but 3 shallow shelves on counter-height island will probably be just about all the storage you need for books in this era of ipads and tablets.

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 10.13.46 PM.png

If you do have a little more room, extra standard shelving is also another option.  This could be used for decorative items like plants or pretty serveware or it could be used for everyday plates and bowls giving easy access to the kiddos.  It's up to you how you use it but even though this type of storage isn't anything "new" for a kitchen, a little extra never hurts!


This last option is one of our favorite.  It sort of combines the idea of extra drawer space with more display. The nice thing is, it can be used for anything from magazines to produce.  Just keep in mind, it's on display so you'll want it to look pretty.  This type of pull down drawer display doesn't require a lot of extra depth at the end of your cabinet either.  It may be a little more expensive option that the book shelves but also gives a more finished look.

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 10.11.21 PM.png

If you haven't noticed, we do have a thing for organization!  Tell us more about what you like, though!  If you're interested in kitchen storage or bathroom storage info, help us out and leave a comment so we can give you want you want!  Or, if you'd prefer to read about what's trending in design, we can do that too!  Just let us know!