Transitional Kitchens | Get the Recipe

Transitional kitchens are where it's at right now.  Many people, even if they tend toward a more modern style, don't want a super modern kitchen.  They want something that will blend and still feels like it's got some value.  So transitional kitchens are right up their alley.  A transitional kitchen has some modern elements but also has some traditional elements which means it's also very versatile and good for re-sale!  Remember: kitchens and bathrooms sell homes so you want to make sure your kitchen is saleable.

All that to say, have you ever wondered what makes a transitional kitchen?  There are a few key elements to this specific design recipe that are important to understand.  Today we're going to break them down for you.

One of the biggest keys to a transitional style kitchen is shaker cabinets.  The shaker cabinet is a classic style that (we think) will be around for a very long time.  It has a variety of styles but they all go back to one main look which is the recessed center panel.  This style of cabinet gives a slightly traditional feel with the recessed center panel but it also has clean lines that go with the modern look which makes it transitional.  Often, theses cabinets will be painted white which a big part of updating them.  Wood tone shaker style cabinets are still considered transitional but the painted white seals the deal.


A neutral color palette is 100% transitional in a kitchen.  And yes, grey is still a popular color.  Grey, white, and a little bit of earthy wood tone with some beige is the perfect palette for a light, bright transitional kitchen.  A big part of the transitional style is keeping it neutral so that it blends with the rest of the home and doesn't feel heavy.  Adding pops of black also creates a little more graphic effect without going too modern.


Wood is major in a transitional style kitchen.  The warmth of wood in a white and grey kitchen is what makes it feel transitional instead of modern.  Organic elements matter!  You can choose how to bring them in--whether it's in small bits through accessories or larger scale pieces like lighting or seating...but don't forget them in your transitional kitchen!  They are important to creating a balance.


Light stone and subway tile are two additional elements of the transitional style kitchen.  Somehow subway tile (basically the cheapest tile around) has made a huge comeback and can be spotted in pretty much any transitional kitchen these days.  As far as countertops---go light and bright as well.  We love quartz but can do granite too.  Just don't go for anything overly dark or heavy feeling.


Appliances.  Every kitchen has them.  It probably goes without saying but the stainless steel appliances are spot-on for a transitional style kitchen.  The principal behind this is the same as white, it's saleable and blends; two things that give something value.  So if you're trying to decide between a color, or maybe considering going black, don't!  Just stick with good ole' stainless steel and you'll get your money's worth!