Bathroom Trends | According to KBIS

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show was held just recently here in Orlando.  Vendors, builders, designers, and tons of other professionals in the home industry attended to see all the new offerings available.  Since Kitchen & Bath is such a huge part of the interior design industry because....well, like we always say, kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, this is a big deal event where many trends within the industry are displayed and forecasted.

According to this article in Houzz, there were a number of trends that presented themselves very prominently so we wanted to share these with you!

Just like in the kitchen, furniture style pieces are becoming popular in the bathroom as well.  While vanities have always been a necessity in a fully-functioning bathroom (that needs storage), many bathrooms have built-in cabinetry vanities. Now, according to what was shown at KBIS, many people are moving towards the wooden, furniture style vanity look that isn't necessarily built-in.  We've seen this style a lot in a number of the California Coastal homes that are covering the pages of Pinterest.


It's pretty much set that quartz is the preferred countertop for bathrooms.  The durability of it is hard to beat and the price is becoming more and more competitive.  Colors and movement has also increased in variety because so many different vendors are offering their version.  


Keeping colors neutral is still the trend for bathrooms according to KBIS.  Greys and whites haven't gone away yet and with the increasing availability of stone-look porcelain that has it's own grey veining, neutral colors blend well with these materials.  Black is popping up more and more, though, in vanity style and we think black is going to be the new neutral for cabinetry in 2018.


Shockingly enough, according to what was shown at KBIS, nickel is still holding it's own for faucet finishes.  Brass isn't gone yet but nickel is creeping back into the scene.  Many people are even mixing finishes in a bathroom using a nickel faucet with gold light fixtures.  The nice thing about nickel is that it mixes well with other finishes too, like bronze and even black. 


In other, less surprising news, under mount sinks and free standing bathtubs are still going strong in bathrooms.  The functionality of an under mount sink is hard to beat and it's always a clean look when coupled with a nice eased edge quartz.  Free standing tubs are holding their own to create that focal point in bathrooms that feels more like furniture and less like part of the floor.  There are also a huge variety of free standing tubs to pick from now, making it easier for consumers to incorporate it into their own homes.


Finally, and this is really the trend within interiors, LED lighting is super popular.  LED lights last longer, are more energy efficient and are much brighter which makes seeing yourself in the mirror much easier!

Overall, we're excited about the way kitchen trends are moving.  Some of it is more of the same holding it's own, but the design elements that are doing this are solid elements that make for a beautiful bathroom.