Spruce it Up | Stairs

Staircases are one of those architectural details that often get neglected.  When designing or renovating a home, stairs are thought of as a functional area and aren't made special but there are really a lot of things that can be done to staircases to make them an interesting space.  

Let's start with stair treads.  They can either flow with the rest of the flooring or they can be a completely different material.  When deciding which direction you want to go, it is important to consider the location of your stairs.  Usually a staircase in the entryway needs to flow with the rest of the flooring, however, a back stairs or one tucked off to the side can definitely have it's own special pop!


Another option is to do something fun with the risers.  Even if the tread flows with the rest of the flooring, do a fun patterned tile on the riser to give your stairway a little unexpected pop.  One of our current favorite looks is doing a black and white patterned tile on the stair riser.


We can't forget about the balusters and handrail either!  One of the simplest ways to spruce up a stairway is to swap out the balusters and handrail.  There are tons of different options for both of these areas so just consider something that's practical for your particular stairway!


Finally, if you really just can't deal with any sort of constructions right now, you can simply add a runner to your stairs.  Runners are practical for protecting stair treads but they're also practical for safety purposes.  A runner will help absorb the sound of footsteps and also add traction underfoot for walking up and down the stairs which will help prevent slipping.


Try any or all of these things to spruce up your stairs and make them a functional architectural detail in your home!