Cheating | Sometimes it's OK

Believe it or not, some parts of designing a space aren't so carefully planned out.  Sometimes, you just need "something" that works or "something" to complete a space because it's missing "something".  But it can be hard to pinpoint that "something".  And sometimes, it just needs to be filled.  It looks empty so it needs to be finished...somehow.  Well, there are certain designer go-tos that quickly and effectively accomplish this!

For starters, a big tall tree can do wonders for filling that empty corner.  Sometimes it's a dining room, kitchen nook, or even a formal living room but regardless of the space, greenery is always a good idea.  The nice thing about a big, tall tree is that it not only adds an organic element to the space but it adds height and visually fills a space about as much as another piece piece of furniture but for much less.  It can also look very sculptural which could function as an art piece int he space as well.


Another way to add height to a space is with a good floor lamp.  Floor lamps work similarly to tall tress in the way they add height and a sculptural element to a space.  They are a little more functional than a tree because they actually give light to a space, however, they can sometimes be harder to place because they have to be plugged in.  They're great filler pieces, though!


Add a book or stack of books and get an instant finishing detail!  Books are the never-endingly useful!  They can fill so many spaces in a room.  They work well for empty shelves, under vases or sculptures to give height.  They also work as a great base for a coffee table if you don't have a tray or even inside of the tray.  It's pretty much the designers go-to for accessorizing.  So don't get rid of those old books you don't read anymore.  Keep them and use them as filler!  You never know when one will come in handy.


Throw blankets are also great filler pieces.  They add more of a lived-in look that gives the visual que of comfort than the books, which are great filler pieces, but they still have their value.  Sometimes they're the pop of color a space needs or the filler for a basket, but a soft blanket can really go a long way in a room.


Just remember that rooms have layers.  These layers consist of elements that range in size from small accessories to major lighting.  Each piece works together for the whole but not every piece has to be rocket science!