Trend Watch | Kitchens in 2015

If you're thinking of re-doing your kitchen in 2015, we've got some trends that you should keep an eye out for.  Will your kitchen be on trend for 2015?  We would recommend using all of these trends in one kitchen, but look through them and see which ones you think would fit best into your style.  It's always best to mix a little of the style that's trending with some classic elements to give your kitchen a contemporary feel but also allow the look of your kitchen to stand the test of time....that is, unless, you like renovating every couple of years.

The first trend to look out for in kitchens in 2015 is more furniture-style elements in kitchen.  Since the kitchen is the most-used room in the house (on average), it makes sense that this space should also begin to look less like a "work area" and more cozy like the rest of the house.  Bring a little love and style into your kitchen, it'll help it flow with the rest of the home.


The next trend that we've seen some of in 2014 is the open-shelving, less-closed-off, more-airy feeling kitchen.  This brings the practicality of the kitchen back into space.  It also helps a kitchen feel a little more collected with the different dishes and cookware are exposed rather than hidden behind doors.  Be sure not to get rid of all of your cabinet storage, though---there are always those certain items that just shouldn't be displayed.

Gold. Gold has been trending for awhile but it's creeping into kitchens in 2015.  The classic stainless steel, chrome, polished nickel will still be around, but kitchens are warming up their fixture selection in 2015 with more of the golds and coppers.  These finishes have a more luxurious, warm feel rather than the silver-family metals, which are in the cool family.  Don't be afraid to mix-and-match either!  A brushed gold faucet with some brushed nickel or bronze hardware can give your kitchen a unique feel.

Wallpapered has been holding strong in the design world, but similar to gold, it's moving from the bedroom to the kitchen.  A big, bold pop of pattern and color can easily blend an eat-in kitchen with the workstation/prep area....and don't just look for it on the walls.  Look for it on the ceiling too.

No room is complete with texture and the kitchen is no exception.  Texture absolutely warms up a space so get creative with what you bring into your kitchen.  Of course you can still plan on wood being around in kitchens for 2015, but look for metal, reclaimed wood, honed finishes, and other raw and natural materials.

Finally, kitchens are going black.  Black used to be a dark color that represented sadness or gave space a closed-off feeling.  Black has turned a corner and is considered a classic color that create an interesting contrast and make a statement.  An overabundance of black isn't necessary, but some touches of it will go a long way in making your kitchen feel updated.

So there you go!  Things to look out for in the kitchen world in 2015!  There isn't much of 2014 left, so don't wait to start designing your new kitchen!