What's Hot | Trends, Trends, and More Trends

Today we're talking about trends.  Could you gather that from the blog title?!  Lol.  As always, each new year brings trends in everything which means that old things go away and new (or older) things become popular.  There are trends in everything!  Colors, furniture styles, finishes, patterns, all of it!  So lets discuss what some of the new trends are!  Maybe you're already ahead of the game and have incorporated some of these trends into your own home.  Or maybe you have a little catching up to do.  Either way, by the end of this post, you'll be in the know!

For starters, let's go over some things that are out.  I know that some of these things were hard for us to let go of and they'll probably be hard for you to say goodbye to as well, but all good things must come to an end.  The good news is, you'll probably see it again in about 10 years when it becomes popular again!  One of the first things that "out" is rose gold.  I know!  Say it ain't so!  We are sad to see this trend fade away but with a move towards stronger, bolder finishes, the rose gold just doesn't have a place anymore.  This second trend that's out might not be so hard to say goodbye to---faceted pieces.  You know, like the tables that are cut to look like a gemstone.  Yeah, buh-bye!  We won't miss you.  Thirdly, and we know this will be really, REALLY hard...we're saying goodbye to the industrial style.  Geez.  That was harder than we thought.  This style has really held it's own for a good long time...like it's sort of rooted itself in so many aspects of design that we're really sad to see it go.  There's a lot to be said for industrial style but I guess it's sort of worn out it's welcome at this point.  Now this one, ehhh...we get that it's been around and may be overdone, but might disagree with the statement that it's completely out----sisal and jute.  What do you think?  Of course, there are so many other great rug options out there that sisal and jute aren't always necessary, but a well-placed sisal rug can add a lot to a room.  So we're saying, use it sparingly but don't forget about it all together.  Finally, we may be seeing less and less of mid-century modern. :(  We think this one is sort of like the sisal rug.  We'll see less and less of it but mid-century modern has some great staple pieces that we think it'll still sneak in here and there.

Now onto what IS trending!  For starters (and you may already know this because it's ALL over pinterest), black and white geometric floors!  Agh!  We love them so much.  This trend tells us that we're moving away from the neutral canvas where the smaller layers added the pattern.  Instead, people are making a COMMITMENT in their major surfaces like floors and black and white tile is where it's popping!  Once you've got something like that as your floor, you don't need much else to make the room.

Shocker!  Moroccan is making a comeback!  There's been an element of tribal/indian feel running in the undercurrents of design for a little while now, but it's starting to get bigger and bigger in it's impact on the room.

Instead of the soft rose gold, brass (yes, I said brass...like your grandmother's house brass) is making a comeback!  This is also coupled with a black finish which makes a space feel super expensive and modern.

One of our favorites--camel or cognac color leathers are popping up which, btw, go great with black metal and moroccan rugs!  But we're not moving all the way back into the traditional rooms where leather was everywhere.  Instead, it's more for the texture and maybe a hint of a more masculine feel.

Overall we're moving towards a more minimalist feel where the design is made by the key pieces that stand out.  We've still got the layers but the color is in the furniture and floors rather than in the art and toss pillows!  This is a sign of the times.  The economy is turning and people are willing to commit with their money.  Not a bad place to be!