All the Feels | Space!

Do you live in a small space or maybe just have too much furniture or low ceilings and few windows?  Do you just want your home to feel bigger?  There are different sides of the spectrum--the people who would prefer there homes feel cozy and tight-knit and those who prefer a more spacious, open feel.  If you fall into the later category, this is the post for you!  Today we're sharing ways that you can make your home feel more open simply by your furniture selections and placement!

For many spaces, there are only a few options for the furniture layout--the room really dictates where you can place things and how large they can be.  So make sure you listen to your room.  It will also tell you how to work with the existing flow.  Don't force it!  Forcing it in a space automatically makes the room feel cramped and tight and disjointed.  It takes away from the flow of the room.

The type of furniture you select can play a large part in making the room feel spacious.  Light colors, airy textures, and glass will all lighten and open up the space.  You can have color and texture too, just try to minimize it in the larger pieces of furniture.  Incorporate those fabrics and the darker woods in the accessories instead.

Of course, always add a mirror!  Small mirrors are nice but if you're really trying to open up the space, incorporate a large floor length mirror.  This can be mounted on the wall or leaned behind or next to a piece of furniture and will really do a lot of work in the expansion department!

Even though this doesn't really have to do with the furniture or flow, wall color absolutely matters too!  Going with something neutral is your best bet for making a space feel more open.  We actually like going white.  White is not only neutral but it reflects light, so if you have a room with minimal windows that doesn't get a lot of natural light, at least you know that the light it DOES get is being reflected and amplified by the wall color.

If you have the ability to have more built-in furniture rather than floating furniture, this will also help with an open feel in your space.  The nice thing about built-in furniture is that it serves a purpose and function without taking up much floor space so it doesn't cram the room.  Built-in shelving is one option but built-in seating is another big bonus.  Also remember that the other nice thing about building in furniture is that it's custom--you can make it any size and create it to fit any space that you want or need which is also a plus!

We've been talking about making things work harder--make your furniture work harder for you too!  An easy way to have everything you need for a functional space without over-filling your room is by getting multi-functional pieces.  For example, ottomans that function as a coffee table or any other kind of table that can have different uses.  Not only are your getting more in your space but you're getting more for your money too!

We hope this helps you figure out ways to make your space feel more open and less cramped.  Minimalist is definitely on trend right now!