For the Kids | Bedroom Color Combos

With the minimalist style taking over, there has been a lot more of the white and grey color palette being used in kids rooms. This goes from the nursery to elementary age because it's classic and simple.  However, color is coming back!  Brighter, bolder, more vibrant rooms are popping up all over and we don't want the kids to get left out.  So today we're discussing some colorful bedroom combos that are a little more current and updated for kids.  The minimalist style definitely promoted a gender neutral feel and we think these combos carry that versatility as well, just with more of a lively feel. :)

The first color combo is perfect for Spring but also a good gender neutral option--teal and yellow.  This would be the perfect color for a room shared by a boy and a girl because you can introduce other colors more specific to their gender without drastically changing the feel of the room.  This color combo is whimsical and playful, just like kids!

The second color combo is another one that works well with other colors--red and gray. So depending on whether or not it's a boy's room or a girl's room, it creates a good base!  Mix in some teal or yellow to make it more girly or add pops of navy or black for something a little more boyish.  Be sure to keep a lot of white in the space so the color doesn't get overwhelming but don't be afraid to pop in fun patterns!

This next combo is on of our favorites but it's more because of the statement it creates.  A black and white space seems like just a darker version of the grey and white minimalist look we said to move away from, but it's much more than that for a room.  Black and white is graphic.  It's contrast which is immediately more gutsy than the calm grey and white combo.  A big part of making this  palette work for kids is by introducing fun patterns within this scheme.  Instead of just black and white stripes, do other shapes--triangles, dots, stars.  Of course, you can definitely add any color to this basic scheme to make it feel more feminine or masculine but you don't have to.

The last scheme which is the most fun is going all in with a multi-color palette.  This combo is super relaxed and allows your child to contribute to the decor in their room very easily!  Those school art projects and crazy toys will work well in a space that isn't restricted to a particular color combo.  Our only caution with this mix is to ground it with a lot of a good neutral---white or black would be best.  It's important for the color(s) to be the focal point and too much of them will just become color confusion.  So try to edit it a little bit, but still have fun!