Things To Try | Fun & Funky Design Ideas

When we're designing homes, we're constantly searching for something new and different to incorporate.  It's hard to come up with an idea that hasn't already been thought of but sometimes we are able to re-purpose or tweak old ideas to make them new and more interesting...also, more appropriate for our client's home.  Because of design trends and the fact that sometimes design ideas take a while to be recycled, it's always helpful to be reminded of what's out there.  So today we're going to share with you some fun design tips that aren't new, but may not have been referenced for a while.  Hopefully they'll spark some ideas for you to fluff up your home and decide how to make it old ideas fresh again.

Addressing the ceiling.  So many people ignore their ceilings in their home.  Some might invest in a fun light fixture but even fewer will even paint the ceiling a fun color.  So forget about a mural or wallpaper application on the ceiling!  This might not be the best application, but how many of you have noticed and appreciated the ceiling in a doctor's office?  That's right.  It's interesting!  So while your home's ceiling might not need to have clouds on it, it's still a great place to add visual interest.  We love putting wallpaper on the ceiling in a master bedroom, and even foyers or great rooms can benefit from some sort of ceiling detail--wood, paint, mural, or wallpaper!  So don't forget the ceiling.  Once you put something up there, you'll be amazed at how it elevates the style of the room.  And it'll be a great conversation piece for guests as well!

Mixing furniture.  People get hung up on "appropriate furniture" for a space.  And while this is a valid consideration, it's also something that you can't get too hung up on.  With the evolution of outdoor furniture and the transitioning of the outdoors to inside, outdoor furniture has become quite nice.  It's still functional for weather but it's typically lightweight and comfortable as well.  So consider bringing some of it indoors!  Many times outdoor furniture is interesting and sculptural so it can make a great accept piece in any space!

Make mirrors your hard-working wall application.  Don't be stingy with your mirror use.  They can do a lot for your space.  Aside from widening or enlarging the look of a space, they add a little bit of sparkle.  Mirrors work great over pieces of furniture but they are also good for behind large pieces of furniture (like a large leaning mirror) or even as the backing to shelves.  Try placing them at the end of a short hallway to make it feel longer even. Kindof like ceiling applications, a well-placed mirror can really elevate a space.

Black is back.  We've talked about black before but it really is an impact color.  As design has evolved, designers have figured out how to make black work for them while keeping it under control.  Black is actually pretty versatile too; it looks good in almost any application.  So consider using it in small doses throughout your home for some major impact--black countertops are super sleek and interesting and black graphic floor tile adds a ton of depth!  Even a black accent wall, like a chalk wall will create a bold pop to a room that art will stand out on.

We realize that none of these ideas are brand new, but they're worth considering and recycling!  Old reused right can make for a great look!